The Data-Driven Approach Your Business Needs To Succeed

Business is in part a creative enterprise. You need a great idea and the flexibility and creative thinking of offering it to your customers in the most appealing way. However, creativity isn’t all there is. Beyond that, you need to have smarts. You need to have the data and be able to apply it to measure how effective your methods are. Both when dealing with your customers and your business itself. Here’s how you use the data that can take your creative idea to the next level.

Your website visits

All your marketing methods can be separated into outbound and inbound. Of the inbound methods, you need to mostly look at your site. Look at how people are using it and how you can better use those visits. For instance, what pages are they most likely to visit? Are those pages likely to make them into customers? Companies like specialise in finding that out. Using web psychology, you can make any page on your site a lot more likely to convert visitors to customers.

Your social media efforts

As far as outbound marketing goes, a lot of it will be done for most businesses through social media. It’s not easy to always define what makes successful content. But it’s not impossible. Tools like are what you need to take a closer look. To order posts by which are most effective. To take a closer look at trends of when people start or stop following you. That way, you can better identify what your customers and followers respond to. In response, you can tighten your marketing and develop more content that you know your fans will like.

Developing deeper knowledge of your customers

Using data to analyse the different moving parts of your business and how your customers interact with them is important. But it’s also important to gain more data directly from them. We’re talking about simply asking them for feedback. No company should feel like it’s too big to ask questions of their customers. For one, they value having their opinion valued. Secondly, asking them the right questions can offer up whole new marketing opportunities. Take the time to create a survey that you can send out to returning customers.

Keeping work measurable

It’s not just your customers that you want to gather more data from, either. It’s your business itself. From what you do every day to how your employees handle their workload. The key to measuring that is making it quantifiable. Turning their work into data you can understand at a glance. To that end, suggests using KPIs. Key performance indicators are a means of getting a closer look at your company’s performance. They can be used to ask questions about customer retention, time and resources used, employee engagement level and more. The more KPIs you can reliably track, the more you can use them to get your business on a better pace.

The data-driven approach needs to work in tandem with great ideas. It helps you light the way to making your business more successful, so don’t ignore it.

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