The Logistics Technology Trends Driven by Automation

Huge brands are investing in new logistics technology to help boost sales. With the distribution and supply chain at the core of many e-commerce businesses’ success, investing in technology which helps to speed up processes allowing goods to reach customers in record time is vital to boosting sales. Here are the key logistic technology trends driven by automation and how they can help improve your business:

Space saving

Using automation instead of man power means that companies can now save space in their warehouses. Before automation, expansion meant moving outwards, whereas now with automation in place companies can use their premises to the max by having machinery that goes floor to ceiling, being as economical with space as possible. This trend of building upwards rather than outwards means that companies can get the maximum out of their warehouse space without having to pay to build expensive extensions or move to a larger space. Although automation can be really costly, it’s cost effective as it means you have to employ less staff and work gets completed at a much quicker pace.


The sortation stage of getting the parcels from the conveyor belt with the other parcels to their designated delivery van is open to a lot of potential risks. From parcels getting lost to finding their way onto the wrong delivery truck, this is a crucial stage in the process of delivery and shipping. By using automatic technology to sort the parcels, this removes the margin for human error guaranteeing that all the parcels end up in their correct designated area, and at rapid speeds. Plus, used in conjunction with services offered by brands like InXpress, parcels arrive at their destination in rapid time


In busy periods a trend that many warehouses are following is the installation of extra lifts to improve the speed of picking. By using a lift to minimise the time spent going up and down stairs, companies can hugely increase the amount of items picked per hour, getting goods out to customers much faster in peak periods.

Automating processes is by far the biggest of all logistics technology trends of the past decade. Automation as a whole has swept the warehouses of the biggest brands across the country, from Asos to Amazon, the benefits are huge. The amount of benefits from increased reliability to safer operations, saving space and reduced running costs make it a cost effective and smart solution worth investing in for any company.

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