The Need For Monitoring Viber Conversations Of Your Kids At That Tender Age

An app that has gained popularity quite heavily in the recent past is ‘Viber’. Teenagers use this app with quite enthusiasm as they are pretty fond of it. One thing of concern here is that teenage is such a time where your kids have the tendency to get involved in wrong activities. What parents need to do at such a time is to use the help of Viber monitoring apps to be sure about the activities of their children.

Monitoring App:

If you talk about monitoring apps, then StealthGenie

is one exciting app that will help you solve all your problems. Pretty small in size, StealthGenie takes even less than five minutes to get downloaded inside your child’s cell phone and it does not even affect any feature inside it. It does not really matter how many thousand miles you are away from your kid, you get to keep an eye as and when you want to.

Suitable Phones:

This app faces no issues when you use it with the following smartphones:

Android phones from LG, HTC, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Huawei and others running on OS 2.1 and going as high as 4.2,

BlackBerry models in the 8000 and 9000 series running on OS 5.0 and going as high as 7.0,

iPhone models running on iOS 3.0 and going as high as 6.0. This includes the latest iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 models even.

Viber Monitoring:

Using the log-in details that StealthGenie has provided you with, you will be able to enter your member’s area. Over here you simply need to click on the ‘Viber Calls’ or the ‘Viber Messages’ button and the complete Viber conversations of your kids would be provided to you in no time whatsoever. To be precise, you get to view complete records of all the Viber calls made from and received on the mobile phone of your kids along with the date, duration and exact time of each and every call. Similarly all the Text messages sent and received by your kids via Viber are shown to you with ease.

Simplifying Parenting:

Children are loved by all but they sure are the responsibility of parents and parents need to act responsible and make sure that their kids turn out to be good human beings. Using Viber monitoring apps, a tough job known a parenting is simplified for you by a mile.

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