The Office: Don’t Overlook These Areas

The Office: Don’t Overlook These Areas

If you’re the owner of a business and you have your own offices, then there’s a lot of work that goes into that. Not only are you having to manage your own staff; setting them tasks to meet and making sure that the environment is a safe and happy one for them to work in, while dealing with everyone’s individual feelings – there’s so much more too. If you have a pretty big space – or building in fact – you will most likely have a lot of other sectors too.

Here’s how to keep all of that under control.


The bathrooms

Although you may not be the one getting your hands dirty, it’s essential that bathrooms are kept clean at all times. Be sure to hire a good set of cleaners from a trusted agency so you don’t need to worry about professionalism. It’s also very important that if cleaning is in progress, you must make people aware of this with signs. For example, if the floor is wet, you must put down a ‘caution wet floor’ sign. This just covers your back in the event of anyone slipping. You should also make sure that the offices have a disabled toilet that has wheelchair access. Even if you don’t currently have a member of staff that is disabled – things can change very quickly.

The cantine

One important area that tends to get overlooked, is the cantine. Sure, you may have someone else to manage this area for you, but you’re still the boss at the end of the day, and you should be aware of what goes on, and if any changes are made, and most importantly – if everything is kept to the highest of standards. This means that all the hygiene regulations are met, and everything is clean and sanitary. If you are serving your staff fresh food, then you’ll want to make sure that it is packed in the correct packing. If you aren’t quite sure what this may be, click here for tamper evident seals for food. You also want to make sure that any hot drinks you serve are put into a container that says it’s hot. This may sound obvious, but you can get into a lot of trouble without the warning.

The fire exit and alarm

Every main exit will need a fire exit and an alarm in the case of a fire. This is an absolute essential and should be covered for when you first have the office, whether you’re building it from scratch – in which case they would be installed then. Or if you’re renting or have bought the place, they should already be there, but always make sure just in case. It’s down to you and your staff to keep all fire exits clear of obstruction. This means not having anything getting in the way of a clean exit. Although all of your employees should know this, it’s a good idea to regularly have meetings to ensure everyone’s safety is cared for.

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