The Power Of Luxury Brands

The face of marketing has changed over the past decade. There are now so many avenues available to a marketing executive, so many buzzwords that need Googling, and so many acronyms that require deciphering.

But while modern marketing has changed the game for so many industries, it hasn’t touched the luxury brand industry yet. No. Not really. Having a luxury brand almost transcends other marketing strategies because it isn’t aimed at the masses, it is aimed at a very particular segment of society, and that requires a very particular approach.

The Power Of Beliefs

Most brands have to rely on brand values when it comes to their marketing strategies, but luxury brands need to be able to advocate beliefs. The reason for this is, beliefs have a much stronger pull than values. But that isn’t all because a luxury brand isn’t designed to please the masses, it is designed to please a very specific customer, and in order to do that, you need to align yourself with that demographics beliefs. An executive car service believes in reliability and comfort. A sports car manufacturer believes in high performance. A fashion designer will have a belief in art. Luxury brands are focused on the specific beliefs of their brand, which will be echoed by their customers.

The Power Of Your Brand

When you think of a brand you tend to think of a logo. When you think about Nike you envisage the swoosh. When you think of McDonald’s it’s the golden arches. But this isn’t the case with luxury brands because, instead of just thinking about the logo, you tend to think about a whole set of visual icons and references. One of the greatest examples of this Chanel. When you think of Chanel you think monochrome, black and white, pearls, little black dresses and the number 5. Louboutin is the same. You probably don’t know the logo, but you would recognize a pair simply through the red sole on a pair of high heels. That is what you should be aiming for as a luxury brand. It is iconification through repetition. It is staying loyal to your brand no matter what.

The Power Of The Store

When people buy into a luxury brand, they aren’t just buying the product they are buying the experience of that purchase. This hasn’t always been the case, but with competition so high, luxury brands now focus on the experience they offer from their marketing to the point of purchase (and even beyond). But their store is part of the price tag. Luxury retail brands have been offering personal shoppers for a long time now. They have professional stylists that will help you pick out certain clothes to suit your look and personality, they will cater to you, offer high-end refreshments and pampering sessions. The car industry as well. Luxury car manufacturers have turned their showrooms into much more than just shiny floors and bright lights; you just have to visit BMW Welt in Munich to understand this.

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