The role paper plays in your business

When it comes to running your business, paper is paper, right?  All kinds of paper are created equal, right?  Wrong.  The truth is, to run a successful business with a professional image, you’ll need to purchase several different types of paper.  That’s because for every job there is for which paper is required, a particular type of paper will garner the best results.

Printer paper isn’t just one type of paper.  In fact, all paper that you can feed through your printer can be considered printer paper.  When choose paper for your printing needs, however, you should consider the desired outcome.  For example, if you are looking to simply print internal memos, lists, company newsletters and other thing that will not be distributed to vendors, customers, suppliers, business prospects and other external parties, inexpensive all-purpose paper is fine.  Recycled paper is a great option for these purposes.  Because it is recycled, this type of paper doesn’t have the same bright white colour that new paper has.  Instead, it has a duller, greyer or beige colour and it could have small fibre flecks in it.  Those factors give recycled paper are more rustic appearance.  However, where a professional and slick image isn’t necessarily top priority, recycled paper is a great option because it is both affordable and environmentally responsible.  That being said, if the nature of your business is such that putting forth an environmentally friendly image is a top priority, you may want to opt to print all of your correspondence, both internal and external, on recycled paper as a way of showing your clients and customers that your commitment to running an environmentally friendly business permeates every corner of your business.

If, however, you are looking to print company handouts, business letters, and other external correspondence, a heavier, more luxurious paper such as one with a linen finish.

The type of printer you use should also dictate the type of paper you buy.  If you use a laser printer, it’s important to purchase laser-printer paper, for best results.  This paper will offer you the crispest, true-colour prints with a smooth, professional finish.  If you use an inkjet printer or an all-in-one printer, scanner and photocopier, multipurpose inkjet paper will fit the bill.

Is your printer designed to print photos?  If that’s something you are going to be doing regularly in your business, you should purchase photo paper.  This type of paper is specifically designed to print photos, producing a crisp result without ink bleed.

Regardless of what kind of paper you need for your business, a company such as White Paper website for selection and information that will help you find the right paper for every business need.  Whether you are a small store or a large corporation, virtually every business uses paper at one time or another, and it’s important to ensure you are buying the right kind.

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