The True Power Of Promotional Products

There is no point beating around any metaphorical bushes on this one; promotional products hold a serious amount of power and influence when it comes to marketing – especially for small businesses. So long as you get it right, plan your strategy to the finest detail and understand what makes your target audience smile, well, the benefits of branded merchandise and promotional paraphernalia are almost infinite.

Of course, we wouldn’t be very good at what we do if we were just going to leave it at that. So, to kick off proceedings here is a stat: 55% of consumers look at a company more positively after receiving some form of a promotional product. To take that epic statistic further down the Avenue of Awesomeness, just over half of those people admit to using these products on a daily basis.

Just sit back for a second and think about how your latest marketing statistics hold up against what you just heard. Now that you’ve done that, check out some of the big benefits of using promotional products in your strategy:

Boost Your Recognition

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in or what size your business is, better brand recognition is the aim of the game. For everyone. The big problem that most people face, however, is getting their brand to stand out from the rest of the crowd and stick in the minds of potential clients. Well, the easiest way is to get creative with promotional products. Printed calendars that people will want to hang on their wall will see your brand get seen every day for a year. Branded Bluetooth speakers will see your logo become a staple part of someone’s backpack. Basically, there are so many ways that your brand can become a part of people’s everyday life.

Cost Is Low

Life as a small business tends to mean that budgets are lower than you would like them to be and that means choices need to be made over what the best direction is to go in. it is about weighing up the value and knowing where you will get the most firework for your cash. That is where promotional products really start to blossom because they are both cheap to produce and yet they also offer longevity, something that a Facebook ad doesn’t. Remember the whole calendar thing. 365 days. Exactly. You get so much more from your investment, not least of which is customer loyalty.

Alternative Business Card

Business cards are still – and always will be – one of the most celebrated ingredients in business, and in marketing in particular. But, instead of just handing your card out to a potential customer, why not increase the ante and have a promotional product accompany it. If you are in the health and fitness game, then why not hand out a branded protein shaker or a filter water bottle. If you are in the IT industry, a branded flash drive will go a long way. It is just that something else you can leave behind that will have people think of you, probably on a daily basis too.

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