Thinking about the layout of the office

Of all the many different things that have an impact on the productivity of a company’s workforce, one that can sometimes be forgotten about is the layout of the office.

Most businesses may assume that as long as all the necessary equipment is present and each member of staff has their own place to work, then the rest will look after itself.

But this is increasingly being seen as an outdated view and it is becoming more and more common for organisations to use new ideas such as hotdesking as they come to rethink the way their offices are laid out.

There are a wide range of advantages to giving workers more freedom about how and where they do their jobs, but there are plenty of factors for a firm to consider before a decision is made on whether or not this is the right thing to do.

Hotdesking and office flexibility

While some members of staff will like to have their own space in an office, a little corner where they can get their heads down and get on with their tasks, others will prosper if they are given additional freedom and choice over how they do their roles.

Hotdesking is still a relatively new concept, but the rise of technology such as laptop computers, tablets and smartphones means it is easier than ever before for employees to work on the go or away from their desks.

Firms using hotdesking may, however, be concerned about the potential security risks of allowing staff members to use their own personal devices for work tasks, although IT departments should be able to control this and prevent it from being an issue.

One potential issue that may arise if hotdesking and flexible working methods are embraced by firms is how workers use office equipment such as scanners, copiers and printers.

Placing equipment in an office

Many businesses will not have given too much thought about where these pieces of equipment are placed in an office, instead putting them wherever there is room for them and wherever most staff members can get to them without too much hassle.

But this can lead to wastage unless it is carefully thought through and one of the ways companies are increasingly assessing this part of their business is through managed print services. This can allow employers to see how much time and energy is being wasted through where devices are placed, as well as identifying where savings can be made.

Investing in new colour laser printers or multifunction printers can enable firms to ensure employees can always use office equipment when they need to, but the careful placement of these devices in an office can also allow usage to be monitored closely.

Keeping staff happy in the office

It is often said that a clear and happy workspace can translate to a clear and happy mind and these are often going to be the best working conditions for members of staff.

Removing clutter can therefore be a great starting point for companies looking to make their employees more productive and lessen the pressure on their staff members. Although some might not mind a bit of mess around them, others could find it hard to concentrate with these distractions all around them.

Having too many pieces of equipment in an office is one of the ways clutter can start to build up and if these devices are also noisy, this is a further distraction for workers.

Using managed print services can enable companies to identify which equipment is being used properly and which is being wasted, allowing firms to see clearly where savings can be made and efficiency improved to a higher level.


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