Three ways to enhance the customer experience at your company

With consumers having more choice today, thanks to the growth of the online market and the ease of making purchases, the customer experience is more important than ever to businesses.

Don’t just take our word for it though — a survey by Gartner found that 89 per cent of companies expected to compete primarily on the bases of customer experience by the end of this year. This was from just 36 per cent who had anticipated the same situation four years prior to the survey taking place.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this huge business opportunity by improving the overall quality that you present when interacting with your customers in the following ways:

Give your customers something for free

People will find it hard to complain when they are presented with something from your business free-of-charge.

Just make sure that it’s a complimentary incentive that is likely to benefit either their personal or working life.

For example, Hire Torque Ltd (HTL) — an industry-leader in controlled bolting, flange working and portable machine solutions — has just launched its free-to-download ihire rentals app.

Stephen Jones, the CEO of the HTL Group, pointed out: “Our aim is to stay ahead of the game by serving the market with ways to instantly and easily access efficient and safe products. I feel ihire offers this to existing and prospective customers and is another example of our commitment to industry with our customers and markets in the forefront of our minds.”

Marketing guides and advice guides for startups are other examples of free materials that your customers will both appreciate and value.

Introduce a live chat function to your website

As well as consumers having more choice as earlier discussed, many are also leading very busy lives and so will want to avoid disruption as much as possible.

Keep your customers happy when they come across an issue or have a query about your company by having a live chat function enabled on your website. That way, they can quickly contact you with their enquiry and, hopefully, receive an immediate response and have their matter solved in a minutes.

Live chat is perfect for all parts of the customer journey too, with it proving useful whether someone is simply browsing your range of services, are at the buying stage or have an enquiry post-purchase.

Go social

Statistics portal Statista has found that as of September 2016, Facebook currently has 1.71 billion monthly active users. There’s another 500 million monthly active accounts on Instagram and a further 313 million on Twitter.

In short, social media has grown to such a level that businesses really shouldn’t ignore its potential.

Reach out to an audience that stretches into the millions, if not billions, with these techniques:

  • Answer any questions that people post on your company page — these individuals could be potential customers who are just one enquiry away from making use of your services.
  • Acknowledge and look into any complaints — not only will the consumer who had the grievance likely appreciate the support, but other people will see that you have a commitment to care for customers even after they have made a purchase.
  • Spread awareness of your company — this can be anything from shouting about the release of a new product to detailing how your firm is making an impact in their community.

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