Throw an Amazing Christmas Works Bash

Planning a works Christmas party can be extremely stressful and incredibly frustrating. Whether its a winter fundraiser or simply a celebration with your co-workers, here are a few tips that may help keep the anxiety attacks at bay this Christmas season.

Make a Checklist

The first way to avoid tearing your hair out this Christmas season is to make sure you have a checklist of things that are already done, things that need doing, and a list of things that have and have not arrived. Have a list of the names and numbers of any of the vendors you may be relying on to make your night a success. Also be mindful when choosing a venue and keep the manager’s contact information close in case of any emergencies. This ensures that you can be in contact with the right people and will allow you to easily and calmly delegate tasks.
Book Corporate Entertainment

Another way to avoid the embarrassment of an awful party is to consider and book entertainment. Depending on your budget size and the number of people you are expecting, the entertainment could be as extravagant as circus acrobats and celebrity musicians. You can book acts from places such as Classique who no matter what the size of the party or the size of it’s budget, there are plenty of entertainment options that would be perfect for your celebration.

Food is also a huge part of a successful Christmas party. This part can be stressful for the person in charge because it requires you to feed everyone without the food running out and also without having a metric ton of leftover food after everyone has gone home. Many people opt to hire a party planner for reasons like this. This allow for the party planner to be the only point of contact which eliminates the need for you to keep in contact with a bunch of different vendors and deliverers. If a party planner isn’t in your budget, then hire a caterer and allow them to give you advice on how to feed your guests.


Lastly, there must be music. Whether it’s a karaoke machine, a live string quartet, a celebrity musician or just an ipod plugged into a sound system. Music not only helps to create the kind of atmosphere that you want for your party, it also eases tension and makes things seem less awkward just in case there are any of those beginning-of-the-party silences. Make sure that the music you choose creates an atmosphere that’s enjoyable for all of your guests. Keeping the music loosely Christmas themed is a safe bet.

Whether you are planning a huge corporate Christmas party or are in charge of providing your co-workers with a lively, but simpler Christmas celebration, you will do great! Just stay organised, and think about what the people on your invite list would enjoy when weighing food, music and entertainment options.

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