To pastures new: Top five UK cities for start-up businesses

When establishing your business, there are multiple cities in the UK that you can choose from. There may be the popular choices, such as London, Manchester and Birmingham, but there is a reason why such locations always top the bill.


This will be the obvious choice for many start-ups. With over 1,000 meeting and conference spaces, comprehensive transport links and healthy rollout of fibre-optic broadband, the word to sum up the capital city is, simply, ‘connectivity’. Whether you are choosing to connect with your customers or clients, London is the largest and busiest city that your business can network in. This is particularly important if you are emerging into the market, but it is wise to have a healthy financial backing behind you as high property values and rife competition for Grade A space can often be a ‘turn off’ for start-ups.

As a central hub for commerce, finance and industrial fervour, London is also the perfect place if you want to tap into the international market immediately. With a huge range of restaurants and bars to amuse your foreign clients, and a choice of five major airports, including one of the busiest in the world, Heathrow Airport, you can remain connected with both domestic and international clients.


Often regarded as the ‘capital of the north’, Manchester is simply ‘cosmopolitan’ defined. As a main central point for professionals all over the UK, there is reason why vast regeneration schemes have occurred in Manchester over the past few years. The Manchester Central Convention Complex and MediaCityUK are examples of how young media, business and sporting institutions have flocked here for cheaper property values and a thriving ‘young professional’ scene.

Furthermore, the construction of the £650 million ‘Airport City’ project over the next decade will surely boost commerce and attract worldwide companies to the region.


For scientific, industrial and technological businesses, Birmingham may be the way to go. It’s geographical position means that it is a major transport hub for the UK, with various canal, railway and motorway links. For a long time, the city has been famed for it’s large-scale conferences, especially at the NEC International Convention Centre.

On a side note, Warwick Castle and the Shakespeare Country, both of which are nearby, are perfect for lunch meetings with networking events with firms and customers.


For dramatic views and stunning landscapes, Edinburgh is a top business destination. The Scottish capital has continued to be a magnet for up-and-coming firms for decades, especially with it’s variety of cultural and historical attractions. Organisations centred on the arts, culture and nature will benefit here, especially during the summer’s festivals.

Due to the way in which the city is compacted in size, huge savings can be made in transport, as most of the most thriving spots are in walking distance from each other.


This addition to the list may shock you initially, but this popular spa retreat sure packs a serious punch in the business world. With great transport links to both London and Gatwick Airport, the seaside environment has revealed to encourage productivity among young, creative and team-working firms in the past. Furthermore, the commercial property values tend to be slightly lower here than in the capital, making it ideal if you are establishing yourself within the market.

For large events, consider the Royal Pavillion or the Brighton Centre; the latter of which can seat up to 4,500 people.

PropertySales has a great choice of offices available on the market, specialising in the above cities. Strategy and budgeting will inevitably help towards setting up a thriving business, but choosing the right city to base your organisation in is pivotal.

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