Top 4 Reasons Why GPS Tracking Is Indispensable For Your Business Fleet

A proper monitoring and management of vehicles is the watchword for any fleet business. But, it’s never possible to keep tab on every single vehicle physically and you can’t always trust your drivers with correct data. This is where the GPS tracking come in. The tracker device fits firmly in your vehicle to track its routes and other related data for you. It works along with GPS tracking system to offer you information on tracked data. Advanced GPS tracking software programs like the one from assures proper real-time alerts and updates on the tracked fleet. This software is compatible with over 400 GPS trackers.

The post below details why GPS tracking is indispensable for your fleet business-

Exact location of your vehicles

Whether it’s a courier service or a cab company- you have to stay abreast of your wheels day in and day out. Yes, you can always call up your driver to know about the current location but what if he is not exactly being truthful? Well, GPS tracking system relieves you from all such worries by tracking and reporting the exact location of your vehicles on road. This way, you will have a clear idea on whether or not your vehicles are on the right route.

Apart from location, the GPS tracker would also provide information on other major aspects of the drive such as- idle times, speed, engine on/off & so on. The data would be reported on the GPS tracker software server which you can access anytime from your PC via internet.

Improves customer satisfaction

When a customer is expecting a delivery from you, he would always like to know about the current position of the delivery truck. In another scenario, if a user has booked a cab from your company, he would be looking forward to check the car’s route while waiting for the pickup. In both the cases, GPS tracker system helps to improve customer satisfaction by enabling you to provide the precise location of your vehicles.

Cuts down driver idling or fraud

As the GPS tracker offers you real-time data on speeding, fuel consumption, idle times and location, you will have the needed whereabouts of your drivers while they are with your fleet. You will know whether your drivers got overboard with the speed or were dabbling into personal points of entertainment during business hours. The GPS tracking software systems enable you to mark Points of Interests like hotels, pubs, shopping malls etc. and as soon as your car reaches there, you will get notified. Moreover, as you will have complete report on fuel consumption, you can easily charge your driver if he shows an inflated and twisted gas bill. So, when the drivers will know that they are being watched, they would automatically cut down on unsafe driving and unwanted idling or fraudulent attempts during business hours.

Better chance of stolen vehicle recovery

GPS trackers will also help with faster recovery of stolen or lost vehicles. As the tracker will go on offering updates on the current location, you can fast inform the cops about the precise location of your car. Most importantly, the GPS tracking software systems will send SOS alerts if the car gets stolen.

Just make sure to choose a highly reputed GPS tracker and GPS tracking software.

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