Top Social Media Marketing Errors

It’s clear – or so it should be clear – that social media platforms ought to play a major role in the promotion, advertisement and marketing of a business. Allowing businesses to engage with users and build brand awareness and visibility, the benefits of social media are plain for all to see. Furthermore, since many social media platforms are also fantastic for outreaching and networking, none can argue that social media isn’t immensely important for businesses. However, not all of us utilize social media networks effectively. Here are a few social media marketing errors that businesses simply cannot afford to make.

Failing To Differentiate Between Different Platforms

One must understand that each social media platform is entirely unique in a business sense and must be treated as such. One’s advertising purposes for Facebook will completely differ to their mission on Twitter, for example. By having a one-size-fits-all approach for all of your social media platforms, you will fail to get the most out of each one.

In essence, not only should your business have a wide variety of social media platforms, from Tumblr to Facebook and Twitter, but also one’s business strategies should be different on each of these.

Ignoring Bios

Now it is true that most businesses will have bios on their social media pages. However, these bios are rarely good enough to fulfill the essential purpose of a bio. A bio must first and foremost indicate what your business is and what its purpose is. If possible it should also explain this in a way that is engaging and memorable.

Creativity is therefore important in bios, which is something many businesses do not understand.

Talking At & Not With People

Social media is a two-way street. Instead of simply talking to your followers, you must engage with them and have two-way conversations with them. You must ensure that your social media platforms are effectively human. This is the whole purpose with social media.

The more you interact with your social media connects, the more affiliated they will feel with you. Affiliation creates loyalty, which translates into sales.


You don’t want to overdo things however. Whilst interacting with contacts is important, it is just as vital not to bother them by over-interacting with them. Twitter accounts that send too many tweets for example, usually only end up losing followers as a result of bothering people.

Not Using Them For Outreaching

Whilst we do have the likes of and, social media networks are perfect for outreaching and networking. Sites such as Twitter and Facebook might not be most ideal for outreaching and networking, but there are a number of smaller social media websites that tailor for specific business interests that should be utilized.

As you should already know, LinkedIn is also a very effective networking tool.

Ignoring, Deleting or Rudely Responding To Negative Comments

The thing with social media platforms is that you must be prepared for the odd negative comment to arise. After all, no business is perfect and it is always a possibility for an unhappy customer or client to make their feelings known via a social media platform.

The ways to engage with unhappy customers via social media varies depending on the network. Nonetheless, comments should not be deleted, ignored or rudely responded to. By doing such things, you will only serve to further damage your brand.

Negative comments should be addressed with an apology and an assurance that you’ll put things right. It might be humbling and embarrassing but it’s the only way. If you can do this privately, then that will be better. This way, the unhappy client or customer will be satisfied at interacting with your business on a personal level, whilst you will save face by not having to publically apologize.

Lastly, if you receive negative comments on Twitter, you should follow the unhappy customer and inbox them with an apology.

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