Top Tips For Effective B2B Lead Generation

Businesses of all sizes need to generate revenue and profit in order to be successful. To maintain this status of success, the right kind of sales leads need to be targeted at all times.

All businesses rely on leads of this nature because they equate to money and ultimately this means that company profits can increase quicker.

Targeting this type of lead in the sales funnel will save your business time. However, how do you go about finding and attracting leads that you know are more likely to convert?

1.   Use lead generation software

Lead generation software is designed to reveal the identity of your unknown website visitors.

Why is this information useful for your business? Ultimately, because you can follow-up on these leads as they have already expressed an interest in your products and services. Due to this and because they are targeted, they are more likely to convert at a higher rate.

Lead Forensics software allows you to establish who is visiting your site and details the services and pages they are interested in, as well as displaying company contact information too. With this information at your disposal, your sales team can streamline their process and aim to target and convert hot sales leads.

2.   Create limited offers

Once site visitors arrive on your pages, it’s down to you to convince them to convert. Whilst this can be achieved via compelling website copy, it can also be achieved by displaying and pushing limited offers.

If your offer is exclusive or available for a limited time only, then this makes it more desirable and valuable for your visitors.

Whether it’s a reduction in price on a piece of software, or a buy one get one free deal, these offers are designed to encourage leads to convert.

Once they make the decision to buy into your products or services, you can gain their contact details for future sales and marketing campaigns.

3.   Keep your pages simple

If your pages are cluttered with too much information then this will act as a distraction for your visitors.

Keep all of your landing pages concise and to the point so that your visitors can find what they’re looking for and navigate your site without having to read lots of block text.

If you site is simple, clear, and effective, you will have a better chance at keeping leads on your pages and actually enticing them as customers.

Leads Forensics software is great for finding targeted leads, but your pages also need to provide an understanding of who you are and what you offer. With a decent and coherent site working alongside lead generation software, you can aim to bring in more B2B leads.

     4. Use short forms to encourage sign ups

Customers don’t want to spend ages filling in forms to gain access to the information they require.

So in a situation where you do need people to complete forms, such as signing up to a newsletter or downloading a whitepaper for example, keep them short and concise.

Only display the most important fields you need and remember that the fewer fields you display, the more likely you are to receive higher conversions.

Once you have the details from a completed and submitted form, you can use the information gathered to target these leads at a later date.

Successful B2B lead generation

There are a number of ways that businesses can generate, attract and target the right kind of leads. If you use a range of activity properly to your advantage, then you can increase your overall lead volume.

Having more targeted leads, essentially means that you can focus all of your attention on the sales process and generating more revenue for your company.

This post was written by Lead Forensics, a powerful IP tracking software platform design to reveal the identity and contact information of your unknown website visitors.  

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