Top Tips for Finding Your Dream Office

We all want to base our businesses in the best location. Using our useful tips setting up shop in your dream office is only a matter of time.

Find a good agent

Looking for office space on your own is a waste of both time and energy. A good commercial property agent knows the market well.

Using the right agent allows you to tap into their knowledge and uncover great office space that you could not hope to find on your own. You need to focus your energies on building your business rather than wasting your time scouring the web for a suitable office.

Choose a great location

All businesses benefit from being located in the right place. Locating your business in a back alley means you will just end up struggling to attract the right type of customer. Try to set up your business premises in a busy area where your customers can easily find and get to you. Doing this will greatly improve your chances of growing your business and dong so fast.

Be realistic about what you can afford

You need to balance the cost of leasing frontline office space against the additional business a location like that will bring you. You still need to have a budget and you need to stick to it. Not doing so could mean that you run out of funds and have to fold your business.

A flexible space that grows with you

Your business is going to grow, so you need offices that will allow you to expand, as you need to. The last thing you need is to move offices when your business is just starting to take off.

Workplace stability is important. It helps you retain staff and keep them focused on providing a top class service to your clients. Moving a workforce always causes disruption and makes it more likely that key personnel will not stay with you and help you to grow your business.

Details matter

Double check the details of your lease before you sign it. You need to be sure that access to all of the facilities you need is included in the price. For example, the deal may include cleaning, which is great, but only if the cleaning is done every night instead of just once a week.

For example, do you have access to meeting rooms? If yes how much access, how far in advance do you need to book? Asking questions like this will help to ensure that you always have access to the facilities that you need.

The right ambience

Locating yourself somewhere with the right ambience is very important. If you are located in a tired and run down part of a city it can be very hard to inspire your staff to greatness and make a good impression on clients.

For those looking for lively and inspirational, office space – Lloyds is a great office building. This centrally located office block is within easy walking distance of several stations. It is a bustling place, which is home to a surprisingly varied business community with a great atmosphere. If you are looking for somewhere to network and spark your business creativity this is the type of office you should be aspiring to. It is a great example of a dream office.

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