Top Tips for Launching a Business from Home

More and more people are reacting to the state of the economy by using their talents to start up their own businesses. The internet has arguably made it much easier to get things off the ground within your own abode. By taking note of several basic tips you can ensure that your own business plans get off to a flying start.

Working from home can be a rollercoaster, but even when the work dries up, many people say that the freedom it brings is enough to keep their spirits up. It’s estimated that 2,000 new businesses are started up every year, with a great deal of these involving home working. This type of self-employment can mean greatly reduced overheads and allows you to make the daily commute history. Let’s take a look at some key tips on setting up your own business working from home.

1. REMAIN DISCIPLINED: One problem with working from home is that temptation is a constant presence. By treating your home-based endeavours in the same way that you would treat conventional work, you’ll find yourself starting on time, meeting deadlines and hopefully staying solvent.  It can be a good move to work on a 9-5 basis, just as you would at work and invest in a bookkeeper to manage your accounts should you require help with outgoings.

2. REGISTER WITH HMRC: You’ll need to register your business with the relevant authorities as soon as possible; otherwise you could find yourself in hot water later on. This doesn’t have to be a complex process and can be sorted with a few phone calls and a small amount of paperwork.

 3. HAVE A WORK-LIFE BALANCE: If you’re working in the same place that you’re living, things can start to seem monotonous. In order to avoid cabin fever, it’s essential that you leave your home regularly, even if it’s just to ensure that you’re getting enough exercise. Many people who work from home find themselves leading a highly sedentary lifestyle, and this can lead to weight gain as well as depression.

 4. GET THE RIGHT INSURANCE: If something happens in your home that is related to your business operations, you may find that your typical homeowner’s package doesn’t cover it. This is why it’s essential to find an insurance package that will cover you in the event of an incident, whether you’re at work or play. In fact, it can be wise to use this opportunity to upgrade a whole host of facilities, such as reliable smoke alarms and smoke detectors, especially if the nature of your work is high-risk.

 5. STAY CONNECTED: Working from home can be a lonely game, and even if you are talking to clients over the web, months can easily pass by without you seeing your friends on a face-to-face basis. You won’t have watercooler moments or work parties to go when you’re working from home, and this lack of social interaction can have extremely negative effects. The more you get out there and talk to people, the more chances you’ll have to promote your own services too, so the importance of networking must not be underestimated.

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