Unpicking the Myths Around Sit Stand Desks

There is still a certain luddite-like suspicion attached to the concept of a sit stand desk. Commonly, workers view a sit stand desk as some form of coercive instrument, designed to keep them on their feet for the entire working day and perhaps a pre-cursor to a more draconian working regime. At best, a sit stand desk can provoke mild amusement, before being dismissed as a passing design whimsy which will fade away if ignored. In reality, the sit stand desk is a superlative piece of engineering which has the power to utterly transform the office working environment for the better.

Standing Enhances Focus

Scientific studies have shown that some of the best and most productive meetings are those which are held standing up. It is well-known that the Queen held her staff meetings standing up for many years, resulting in improved focus and a better use of time. If a matter can be effectively discussed and resolved through a shorter standing meeting, this is a definite improvement over protracted, convoluted seated meetings. A sit stand desk elevated to an appropriate standing height is ideal as a surface for note taking or operating a laptop, without compromising the standing arrangements.

Standing is Healthier

Recent research has shown that standing periodically during the working day reduces the risk of Type II diabetes in a way which some papers have shown is more effective than a burst of exercise followed by long period of seated inactivity. In the light of this evidence, giving employees the choice of standing to perform a proportion of their daily tasks is an important method of promoting their wellbeing. A sit stand desk is the ideal piece of office furniture to allow flexible positioning whilst working and empower workers to take charge of their personal environment.

Adaptability is the Way Forward

The days of a job for life and unchanging, repetitive tasks are largely over in the workplace. Contemporary offices call for versatile, flexible employees who are capable of learning new skills or transferring old ones to meet the changing demands of continued corporate prosperity. Increasingly working hours are more varied and a diverse workforce is encouraged. To enable this way of working to succeed, office furniture needs to be easily altered to fit varying tasks and differing users. Sit stand desks are excellent examples of modern furniture which can keep up with the changing demands places upon it.

Attractively designed and available in a superb selection of finishes and colours, sit stand desks look appealing and fuse effortlessly with any up-to-date office décor. Improving working practice and providing a safe way for workers to stand as they perform tasks, sit stand desks are easily altered to suit different situations. Epitomising adaptability, productivity, attractiveness and wellbeing, the sit stand desk is a symbol of all that is good about contemporary office working. Creative, innovative and even fun, a sit stand desk is designed to make everybody smile for different reasons.

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