Using cloud storage for business: 4 reasons why you should

With the amount of data that businesses store on computers increasing many people are looking for new ways to store their data. For me data needs to be stored in a convenient place that  Is easily accessible and this is why I use cloud storage. I have been using cloud storage when managing my blogs and other websites for many months now and I have to say I am actually very pleased with it.

For me cloud storage means that I can take my documents with me where-ever I am with ease. For this reason I am writing this post to explain to you the reasons that I am such a big fan of cloud storage and why it is well worth you checking out.


Now security is a major concern for a lot of people these days when using computers. There are an abundance of viruses and other harmful software out there looking to steal or even damage your data. Well storing your data in the cloud means there are a minimal risk of a virus actually managing to destroy or get access to your data meaning that the security of your data is one less thing to worry about.

Whilst on the topic of data security have you ever asked yourself how many people could come into your office and actually help themselves to a browse around what is on your hard drive or potential even take your hard drive with them ? because for a lot of people they are leaving their data unprotected when they are not in the office and leaving themselves at risk of theft. However with cloud storage you are not going to have this as all your data is in the cloud and the only way for anyone to get access is to find out your password,which I’m sure you are not going to be giving out easily.

Your data travels with you

With cloud storage you can take your data with you wherever you are. This means that weather you are at home, in a meeting or perhaps working from a restaurant with WiFi then your data is going to be with you. This is both convenient and a great way to increase productivity. By having your data stores in the cloud means that once you update your documents or data from one device then it will be updated on any device that you view it from.

Another advantage of using cloud storage is that you can access your data from any device. This could be your phone,tablet PC or laptop;meaning that you are never without your data.


As well as being a great for primary storage, cloud storage is very useful for backing up your data. This is the reason I first starting using cloud storage as I wanted to make sure all my data was secure just in case my hard drive ever failed. Using cloud storage means that you can easily get your data back.

Another good idea is to use cloud storage as a free way to backup your website data just in case your server goes down or someone gains unauthorized access to your website. By doing this you never have to worry about loosing data.


For most businesses, the cost of storage can be an issue. The initial cost to invest in hard drive and then get them set up and running can all be a big deal. However what I like about cloud storage is that there is no big upfront cost. Furthermore you are not going to be paying electricity bills to run your hard drives.

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