Pre-loved vehicles for businesses

The costs involved in providing motor vehicles for employee personnel can be a major outlay for a business of any size or level.

Whether it involves providing working fleet vehicles such as vans, pick-ups or lorries for transporting cargo or equipment or simply just allowing employees to get from A to B as part of their daily workload routines, buying and running suitable motors can be an expensive undertaking.

As with any other purchase, buying new means that there is an immediate depreciation in value and with motor vehicles this is especially true. The minute your drive off the forecourt a brand new car of van will be worth far less than the figure you just paid out.

This kind of depreciation is bad enough when it is a domestic purchase and a personal possession, but when it comes to business assets it can be something that makes balancing the books a little harder.


Of course you don’t have to buy from new. There are other options which have advantages which can be attractive to business owners.

Leasing vehicles can be especially useful if you have a fleet that needs to be on the road without interruption. Having the option for quick replacement means that downtime from damage or maintenance can be limited, and consequently unforeseen events need not cause damage to client or customer relationships.

Second hand

The term ‘second hand’ has been replaced by ‘pre-loved’ on some quarters, and indeed there is a lot to be said for a business to use the option of becoming the second or third owner of vehicles.

In the UK used cars come from a wide range of outlets, but by buying carefully you can be assured of quality and value.

Approved cars

Companies such as Mercedes-Benz offer extremely good ‘Approved Used Car’ programmes which come with many benefits and effectively offer the same kind of service and attention to detail that you would expect when buying a brand new car.

This type of approved sale means that the vehicles have passed rigorous safety and history checks, meaning that mechanical and electrical problems should not be a worry.

Most programmes also come with extended warranties as standard, many with unlimited mileage considerations, which can be particularly important for business and commercial use.

All things considered, the benefits of buying a new vehicle for commercial use can be easily outweighed by looking at other options which can not only work out cheaper but also offer greater reliability.

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