Vital Ways To Make Your Office Healthier And More Productive

Healthy employees are productive employees. They’re much less likely to need breaks for doctors’ appointments and sickness, for one. But there are all kinds of mental benefits to live more healthily that can lead them to be better motivated and happier. As an employer, you are the one with the most control over how healthy their environment is. You can’t impose health in their everyday lives, but you can make sure you’re not unduly straining them. Follow these tips carefully and your workplace will be a much healthier place for everyone.


Establish a culture of health inside the office

As we said, you can’t make employees take healthy living home with them. You can, however, shift the office towards better health. Make sure that healthier food choices are always available at the workplace and reduce access to detrimental choices. Investing in a wellness program has a fifteen percent chance of improving job performance. Even better, it can reduce absenteeism by a staggering twenty-seven percent.


Eye-strain is a very common problem in the workplace and develop headaches, nausea and migraines in the staff. Be considerate of workers at computer and give them tasks that will take them away from screens. You can also offer desk lights, that reduce the harmful effects of the light of a screen than lights from above. Bright lighting is also likely to make employees feel a lot more comfortable. Feeling at ease therefore improves their productivity considerably.


The air you breathe

Contaminants in the air can be a big factor in employees getting sick. Keep contaminants out and sickness from spreading through the building by installing an air curtain. Air pollution can also lead to exacerbate the conditions of employees with asthma of other respiratory issues. Air curtains cut way down on this air pollution. Take care of the air they breathe and put your staff at less risk of illness.


Cut on the strain

We’ve already mentioned eye-strain, but carpal tunnel and back pain are also two dangers that many workers will face. Arrange stand-up meetings instead of having every sit around. It not only helps their metabolism and their back but also has the added effect of increasing the effectiveness of communication. Try keeping desks level so that the tops of computers are at their eye-line too to make sitting at the computer better on their wrists.



The major health risk for any office is the passing of illnesses. You might already be keeping the contaminants on the outside, but your workers can just as easily pass illnesses to one another. If you’re a business owner or a manager, no doubt you’ve already had the nightmare scenario of all those sick notes coming in at once. Your employees aren’t to blame for this. Put the focus on sanitisation at work. Disinfect the office and supply each and every desk with hand sanitiser and wipes for their workspace. You can’t be sure they’ll always do it, but you can make it policy that everyone sanitises their area.

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