Vital Ways To Protect Your Business

Have you ever thought about how vulnerable your business is? You probably haven’t, but even when it’s just starting, your business might already have been targeted. Statistically, if your business is affected by a crime someone that you know is going to be behind it. But, it could also be a stranger behind a computer screen. A kid with a laptop who knows exactly how to hack into your business accounts. Perhaps you think we’re oversimplifying the situation, and maybe we are.

It’s not just criminals that could threaten your business. You also need to watch out for disgruntled employees. They might sue you, and you could lose hundreds of thousands, even millions. You must keep your business safe in every way possible. We know this can seem like an impossible task. That’s why we’ve come up with this guide on how you can secure your business and keep it safe. Let’s start where the most risk is these days, online.

Online Security

A lot of employees complain when they can’t access Facebook or Twitter at work. They think it’s because they can’t be trusted not to browse social media while working. But, truth be told, this isn’t the reason at all. Actually, it’s more to do with how viruses get onto a computer network. Think about your online business having a shield to protect it or possibly an invisible force field. Once you go on a website online, any website, you open a crack. There’s a way for viruses to seep through onto your network. There is a place for hackers to slip into and that’s all it takes. But some websites are more at risk from viruses than others. Truth be told, if your computer gets a virus it’s nothing to do with the sites you visit. You can pick it up from anywhere. But some are more vulnerable, like social networks or illegal sites.

Of course, a virus isn’t that tricky to deal with. The best antivirus software can deal with typical computer viruses with no problem at all. It’s the atypical viruses that you have to watch out for. The latest strands can be sent and operated remotely. A skilled hacker can use a trojan virus to clone your computer network. It takes all the data and then works on decrypting it if you had an encryption on. We certainly recommend you at least encrypt sensitive files. An anti-virus software isn’t going to stop this, so what is?

We recommend that you start by thinking about setting up passwords. When choosing a password, you should not use any personal information. You also should not write it down or leave it lying around. This is just asking for trouble. Pick a password made up of random information and memorize it. Don’t tell anyone, not even people you trust. But, that still might not be enough to protect your business.

Instead, we also recommend that you invest in IT support. It support will monitor your business network 24/7. If there is a problem they will alert you immediately or resolve it before it becomes an issue. You will also have a disaster recovery service that will certainly be beneficial.

Physical Security

If your business operates partially offline, or if you keep data on hard drives, you will also need physical security. We recommend that you have this even if you have a home run business. If your address is noted as a business location, you can still be targeted. During office hours, you should certainly have CCTV security. You might also want hi-tech ID scanners and alarm systems. This will keep your business safe and protected when it is operational. But about measures to prevent crime when you are not there, at night?

A lot of businesses try to deter criminals by leaving lights, and tech switched on. Essentially, they make it look as though the premises is protected. Others invest in labour to protect their workplace. They hire security guards to keep watch when the business is not operational. However, both these setups are costly for different reasons. A better idea would be to invest in a physical security feature like roller shutters. Roller shutters will make your premises a difficult break-in. But as well as this, it will act as a deterrent. It will make thieves think twice before even considering a break in and you can avoid paying security by the hour.

Legal Security

Don’t forget that even with all these security measures in place, your business could still be affected by a robbery. It’s important to make sure that you have the insurance coverage that you need to claim on any damages that you experience. You should contact a lawyer and make sure you are covered on all grounds. It has been known for insurance companies to attach loop holes and get out of paying costs.

But, it’s not just theft that could be problematic for your business, legally. As we have said, you might be targeted by an employee. If an employee is injured on your premises, they can make an AI claim. In this claim, they will sue you for damages, holding you and your business legally responsible. The best way of dealing with this issue is to set up workers compensation with a provider. If an employee is injured, they will pay them what they lose in wages. You won’t have to worry about being sued.

Remember, injuries come in different shapes and types. You might find that rather than a physical injury a worker sues for emotional distress. This might not be covered by workers compensation. You should watch out for any issues of bullying or harassment in the office. If you see any instances of this, you must act quickly to resolve the problem. This usually involves firing the employee responsible.

If you protect your business in these three areas, you will keep your company secure. You won’t have to worry about being sued or losing money through theft. Don’t forget if you are robbed, you might lose something far more valuable than money. You might lose your customer’s trust and your reputation.

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