What are asset management services?

When people normally hear of Asset Management they normally think of the finance sector or something in relation to wealth protection. However in the construction industry Asset Management means something completely different, it is the term used to categorise a service that provides facilities management, minor works and general maintenance. H&J Martin now part of the Lagan Construction Group of companies provide are one such organisation offering asset management services.

Asset management services can be an attractive proposition to many industries, as it helps companies manage key assets – hence the name. Some services offered as part of asset management include:

Maintenance Services – this covers both planned, preventative maintenance and also reactive maintenance services to ensure the client has maximum efficiency, safety and control.

Help Desk Services – this offering includes call resolution which involves the effective and efficient provision of help desk operations with the use of IT systems. This includes computer based facilities management and electronic document management. Help desk services are perfect for health and government departments where staff is often needed at different times throughout the year.

HSQE – this refers to Health, Safety, Quality and the Environment and many organisations lack expertise in these areas. Advice around this specialist service can be provided under an asset management contract.

Compliance and Risk Management – this looks at how you conform to specified requirements.  At an organisational level it is often achieved through effectively defined processes which identify the applicable requirements such as laws, regulations, approved codes of practice, standards, guidance notes, contracts, strategies and policies.

Fire and Security – includes services such as intruder and fire detection & monitoring systems, life signs monitoring, CCTV services, emergency lighting and fire extinguishers – an essential service for most organisations, regardless of size.

Door and Gate Solutions – this offering normally refers to the maintenance and installation of entrance control equipment such as bollards, secure gates or shutter systems.

Windows and Glazing – With the ongoing advancements in window and glazing system technology in recent years and with the levels of technical competency and capacity required to test, service and maintain these diverse range of systems also increasing.

As you can see there are many benefits for businesses to look for an asset management service. It is cost effective in that it takes away the day to day on-going maintenance of buildings as well as added extras such as the help desk, compliance and risk management provisions mentioned above.

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