What Bosses and Organizations Can Do to Help People be Successful when Working Remotely

It is an attractive and convenient solution for businesses and employees alike to be afforded the opportunity to work in a remote situation. In the digital age we exist in, the internet has allowed hundreds of people the potential to enjoy the benefits of working alongside their employer without necessitating any kind of physical proximity. The benefits of such working environments are immense – for the employer, they have the option to work with the very best of their respective industries regardless of where in the world the very best may reside, and in many cases, the employees have the option of working from home, which can be helpful to stay at home parents, students, and those who cannot easily commute to an office space. Bearing all of the benefits in mind, there are a few key ways in which bosses and organizations working with people in a remote setting can do in order to ensure the success of their employees and affiliates.

One of the easiest and most readily accessible tools to use in assisting your employees in a remote working situation is the utilization of a video-conferencing client, such as Skype or Google Talk. These programs are usually free (or available for a relatively nominal sum), and allow employers and employees to hold visual and vocal meetings, regardless of the location of either party.

All the equipment that is necessary to utilize these tools is a computer, a web camera, and a microphone. Most laptops (and a good number of desktop) computers come standard with integrated microphones and cameras these days; however, if necessary, these items are available for relatively low prices at most electronics stores around the world. The major benefit of these technologies is the capability to hold meetings without the constraints of lacking an audio-visual component. In fact, it is becoming more and more commonplace to find “virtual” attendees at board meetings; where they are “present” through the video-c

onferencing software – even if the meeting is being held in China and the employee resides in the United Kingdom! The advent of these programs allows for more personal and detailed contact, which can be a defining factor in a person’s success.

Another means by which bosses and organizations can assist in the success of those that they work with is the effective usage of file sharing programs which allow for ease of editing, re-formatting, and suggestion making. One standout program in this regard is the now ubiquitous Dropbox, which allows files to be “dropped” into a virtual mailbox directly from the desktop of the user’s computer. Once the file is “dropped,” the user can then directly link another person to the file, where it can be mod

ified, reviewed, or edited, and then “dropped” in the virtual box yet again.

Other options in this category of technology include GoogleDocs, which has been optimized for usage with the super popular Google browser. This sort of technology allows for the almost instantaneous availability of documents, projects, and papers; with the added bonus of being able to work along with the employee via the option to modify remote documents.

Finally, the most important and most obvious means by which bosses and organizations can help in the success of the affiliates working remotely alongside them is to remember the paramount importance of open and honest communication. It is shockingly easy to accidentally disassociate a remote employee from the inner workings of an organization when that person is not physically present at the office day after day; however, doing so can create tension, discordance in ideas, and frustration on both ends of the equation, which leads to less effective and less efficient working environments.

Whether using email, audio-visual conferencing mediums, file sharing programs, or even good old fashioned phone calls, in the digital age we exist in, there is simply no excuse to allow these rifts to take hold. Scheduling regular check-ins, regularly checking one’s email, and making an effort to be easily available to those working in tandem with remote environments are all tantamount to assuring the success of employees who operate under this new working paradigm.

It is a new and exciting world to work in with the advent of remote employment as a viable business solution, for both employees and those who oversee their business involvements. By making wise and calculated decisions regarding helpful technologies, taking the time to train those using the technology adequately, and maintaining open and honest lines of communication, there is no reason why bosses and organizations cannot help those people involved with them through remote means to be hugely successful.

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