What Employees Really Want at Work

What Employees Really Want at Work

The market is saturated with businesses, and competition is fierce. However, you’re not just competing for customers- but for employees too. Similar businesses will have similar job roles available, and it’s up to you to snag the best candidates since your employees really are everything in your company. You might sell excellent products or services that people want, but you need the right staff to keep everything ticking over and keep your business running like a finely tuned machine. Knowing what employees want can help you to create the perfect job packages to attract and keep the best candidates. Here are some ideas.


The first thing that anyone looks at when they’ve found a job they’re interested in is how much it pays. People want to be rewarded for their experience, knowledge and expertise, and so advertising jobs at the lowest rates won’t get you far. Even if you fill the positions, a minimum wage often means minimum effort and a stressed employee who struggles financially. In some cases of course, minimum wage, apprentice or trainee wages will be suitable but think carefully when you’re advertising each position. Do your research to find out what other companies pay for similar roles.

Employee benefits

Along with fair wages, employee benefits are something that your workers will be interested in. This can include things like dental and medical packages. It’s these things that will encourage your workers to stay with you (which will reduce employee turnover rate). They’re things that enable them to feel secure in their role. You’ll also need to know what is legally required by you as a company, such as providing a workplace pension. Check out Dartington Employee Benefits to find out more about this.

Perks and extras

Perks and extras help employees to feel valued, and can prevent them from getting wondering eyes towards other companies and the prospect of working for them. Occasional free lunches, seasonal raffles, prizes for top seller and even things like company cars/ laptops/ phones depending on employees roles are all an option. One thing lots of companies are getting on board with is ways to help improve employees health. You could provide free gym memberships, or perks for cycling or walking to work. A healthy employee is a happy and productive one. So these things benefit both them and you.

A nice working environment

Whether your business is an office, a shop or a factory, your employees will want a place that’s pleasant to work in. Something that’s clean and organise and easy to navigate. The temperature and lighting are both things to take into consideration. Your employees spend a huge chunk of their day, and their life in general in the workplace. Somewhere that they feel comfortable and happy in again will boost productivity and result in a more positive workplace.

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