What Every Employee Needs To Speed Up Your Business

What Every Employee Needs To Speed Up Your Business

It’s the niggling bit of anxiety at the back of every entrepreneur’s minds, what can be done to make the business go faster? For a lot of companies now, it isn’t even necessarily about the productivity, but more about the speed. Lots of companies need to show the numbers, that they are working faster than their competitors. But in doing this, speed means sacrificing quality. And while you can do certain things to make lives easier for your employees in this respect, such as automating processes, what can your employees benefit from to make their jobs even easier, but also make your company run faster than it ever has done before? Here are three simple tools.


Voice Typing

The one thing that can reduce a team’s overall output over the space of a month is the speed in which people can type. Some people are great at their job, but they type so slow, that their overall productivity equals that of someone who has half the skill, but double the typing speed. So, the solution to this is to implement voice typing software. The average typing speed of a person can be 75 words per minute, but as humans, we are capable of speaking double that, this automatically means you can double your productivity! It can be a big expense, especially for small businesses, but there are cheap options, like on Google Docs, that can recognize your speaking patterns and learn the more you use it. For those people who work in admin, writing, or any area that demands a lot of text being typed, it is a fantastic addition.

Extra-curricular Education

The more people can learn outside of the working environment, the more useful you are within it. The great thing about self-education outside of work environment now is that you can learn almost anything, and there are specific courses that benefit specific businesses. You can master supply chain management online, which is a vital component of how a business works with its clients. You could learn soft skills, which means that your employees would learn how to speak to customers better; or you could learn various components of a major business. Because of these diversity of courses, this means that your employees can improve on a skill that they feel they are lacking. This doesn’t just improve their knowledge, it improves your business.

Remote Working

This is a very controversial topic when it comes to productivity. But there have been trials with some companies, and a lot of them find that it’s not just beneficial in terms of reduced cost, but it’s contributing to a more relaxed working environment. This is something that depends on the overall company ethos, but if you’ve got workers who haven’t got their head in the game because they have concerns at home or outside of the work environment, this is an option that you seriously need to consider. Lots of start-up companies exclusively work with remote workers, and once certain boundaries have been put in place, it has shown that their productivity is much better than before, but also the morale of the workers has increased.

Speed doesn’t necessarily mean quality, but if you can get small aspects right, such as these three, the improvements you will see in your employees, as well as your business, will be self-evident.

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