What is a digital signage?

Advertising your business can be a tricky balancing act. You want to make your potential customers aware of your products and services but you need to strike the right tone to ensure you are attracting people who are serious about making a purchase, remaining loyal to your company and telling their friends and family about you too.

Traditional advertising, such as printed ads in magazines and newspapers and larger billboard ads certainly have their place in catching the eye of specific audiences. But more and more companies are also integrating digital signage into their advertising campaigns, helping them to attract a whole new audience and giving them a range of benefits and advantages they have not previously enjoyed.

So what is digital signage? It is a type of electronic display, with images displayed on LED and LCD monitors. The content of these is uploaded via computer. Generally, you find this type of signage in places such as hotels, airports, restaurantsand train stations. The type of place where large numbers of people congregate and respond well to the immediacy of this type of advertising.
When you are planning your advertising strategy it is worth speaking to some digital signage companies to see what they can offer you. There are a number of benefits to using digital signage, including:

The right kind of attention-grabbing
This type of advertising is more subtle and defined than printed media, less direct but more appealing to viewers. The combination of bright colours and extras such as online videos and news feeds makes it more engaging to your potential customers.

Lower costs
Of course there is some initial outlay, but you will ultimately save money on sometimes-expensive printing costs.

Up-to-the-minute content
Once you have given the final OK to a printed advert, that is it. With digital signage you can keep constantly changing and updating your advertising, keeping it fresh and relevant day by day, hour by hour and even minute by minute.

Harness the power of the web
Keep your advertising connected with your other methods of communication by using your digital signage to display your Twitter feeds, blog posts, video contents, news feeds and company updates. Essentially, anything that is immediately relevant to your customers can be directed to them straight away.

Show your work off to best effect
Using digital signage gives you the perfect opportunity to showcase your work, adding and updating constantly, including testimonials and recommendations from your clients. It is a great way to attract new customers.

So there is lots to be gained and nothing to lose by approaching digitalsignage companies to see if they can promote your business, adding power to your advertising and boosting your company’s image.

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