What IT Equipment Do You Need For a Successful Training Event?

Trainers can sometimes fall into the trap of having plenty of interesting information to discuss during a training event, but fail to deliver it in an imaginative or compelling way.

As a trainer, you want your audience to leave feeling enlightened and wearing a smile, rather than yawning their way out of the room.

Getting the absolute most out of the day is imperative and the methods used to deliver the information play a critical part.

Nothing can be more off-putting for all involved than a stop-start day resulting from poor choices in technology. So which IT essentials do you need to ensure your audience don’t spend time daydreaming about lunch but remain engaged throughout the day instead?


Lightweight and convenient, iPads are a perfect tool for trainers and attendees and unlock a number of opportunities to aid audience engagement.

Conducting presentations and the creation of eye-catching slides to add a visual dimension to the training day are easily achievable with an iPad. Countless opportunities can also be gained with the endless choice of apps too.

Word processing apps for writing and storing notes, apps to print off notes made during the day, or to store files for future reference are all possibilities.

From group work to one-to-one presentations, iPads unlock great opportunities to add variety to the day and engage the audience with a mixture of varied learning styles.

PA Sound Systems

We’ve all been there, trying desperately to listen to someone speaking via a PA and struggling to piece together the commentary between the microphone cutting out and that irritating high-pitched humming noise.

A PA sound system has the ability to make or break a training event.

Stress for both the trainer and attendee can easily arise if the information cannot be delivered in the right way because it simply can’t be heard.

Attendees fail to engage with the trainer and lose focus, making it difficult to absorb the information and enjoy the event.

This can also have a knock-on effect to the trainer’s performance, who can become agitated if they are failing to deliver information in the way they intended.

Avoid a sore throat or broken commentary by investing in a high quality PA sound system.

Interactive Boards

This type of technology is a superb way to engage your audience in a visually stimulating way whilst adding an interactive element to the day.

Interactive boards grant a great deal of flexibility to a training event and encourage team work and collaboration.

They also offer the ability to highlight text, add annotations and show images. Another appealing feature is the capability to add notes and diagrams and save these to be printed out and shared at a later date. This key information can then be uploaded to an intranet or virtual learning environment after the event.

A fun and contemporary way to present information, this technology will keep the audiences’ eyes on the training programme rather than on the view out the window.

Projectors and Projector Screens

After ensuring attendees can hear your presentation, it is equally important to make sure the information can be seen easily- no one likes spending their day squinting at the screen trying to guess what sentences say.

Making the decision to invest in a suitable projector and projector screen for your event is a wise one, unlocking far greater potential for your presentation to be as visual and engaging as possible.

Visual aids, like projectors and projector screens, assist the event organiser in the smooth- delivery of key information throughout the event.

Make the Right Technology Choices

Your choice in technology has the power to make or break the training day.

Projecting the right image by using the most up-to-date and modern technology speaks volumes, creates a good first impression and assists in the successful delivery of the event.

The last thing you want to see as a trainer are more eyes on the clock rather than on the screen or you presenting. Making the investment in the right technology will pay off when your audience leave enthused by your day because it was delivered in the right way.

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