What It Takes to Run a Successful Pub

The pub industry has had some hard times over the last few years. Many traditional pubs have closed down because they don’t get enough business. People often prefer to drink at home before going out to bars and clubs. But pubs are still popular in their own way, and they can succeed. If you want to run a successful pub, you need to keep up with the changes in what people want. It’s possible to maintain a business if you keep on top of what’s important. Make sure you concentrate on these elements to run a successful pub.

Provide Excellent Service

Pubs have traditionally been places where you might walk in and know everyone there. The landlord might get to know the regulars and chat with anyone who came in. Things might not be quite as intimate now. But it doesn’t mean you can’t provide warm and friendly service. Training your staff to be quick and efficient, as well as polite and helpful, can help you go a long way. It will also help if you’re willing to treat your staff well and ensure that patrons treat them well too. Have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment of any kind, and train staff to serve alcohol responsibly.


Offer Something Unique

What can your pub offer that others in the area don’t? If you’re competing against many other businesses, you need to stand out. Even if you’re the only pub for miles around, you can’t rely on a few regulars dropping in every evening. There needs to be something about your establishment that attracts people. It might be the overall atmosphere of a relaxed and friendly pub. Perhaps you serve exceptionally good food. Or maybe you’re willing to order in drinks from small breweries and distilleries. It could be events you host, from live music to quiz nights, which provide entertainment for everyone.

Serve Food

Many pubs don’t serve food, but a lot of people expect to be able to order at least a small plate. If you have the ability to serve some kind of food, you should. However, if you’re going to do it, you should do it well. First, you have to think about what sort of food to serve. It could be traditional pub grub or something more sophisticated. If you don’t have full kitchen facilities, you might offer a limited range of snacks and sandwiches. One thing you should consider is using local produce. Many people much prefer if ingredients and products are sourced locally.

Organise Your Back of House

Don’t forget everything that goes on in the office too. Staying on top of your finances is essential, and where many pub owners fail. Crunching the numbers is necessary for everything to ensure you’re not making a loss. You shouldn’t sell anything without making sure you’re pricing it correctly. Keeping an eye on your stock is important too, from drinks and snacks to CO2 pub gas. Some things will be occasional orders, while others, such as fresh ingredients, could come in daily.

Running a successful pub is by no means easy. You can do it, but you need to have excellent business sense.


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