What makes whiteboard animation so popular among businesses

What makes whiteboard animation so popular among businesses

Video marketing has exploded in the past few years, and it’s becoming a crucial factor in marketing strategies for the majority of businesses. There’s no doubt about incorporating a video into your business plan, but the dilemma is which video content to include. There are so many video types, and not all of them could be used for the same purpose.

However, the ones each business definitely needs are whiteboard animation videos. They are highly engaging and bring educational value to the audience. Why is this tool a part of almost every marketing strategy? Read the article and find out what makes whiteboard animation so popular among businesses.

What is a whiteboard animation?

Whiteboard animation is a video that combines drawings and text in order to present something the video creator considers important. It’s a type of explainer video that includes storytelling, creative and appealing animation and educational factor. All these three factors contribute to its high engagement rate.

From the audience point of view, they see static, drawn images on their screen. The script of the video is constructed in a way that it makes it a story by using a third-person narration or use-case example. Whiteboard animation is easy to create, simple to understand and impressively engaging. This effective tool helps businesses to explain complicated concepts in a much simpler and interesting way. The fact that your product or service can be difficult to use or complicated to understand can turn down your potential customers. However, with whiteboard animations, you’re able to connect with them and explain before that happens.

Three inevitable elements

If you want your whiteboard animation to be effective, you will have to create a detailed strategy for it, similar to your video and marketing strategy. Even though it’s easier to create a whiteboard animation video than record a high-production promotional video, there are several things to keep in mind.

First, there’s the drawing hand. Every whiteboard animation needs to have a drawing hand as it highlights the storytelling element of the video. It shows action, movement, dynamics and it gives a character to your product or service you’re explaining in the video. Behind that drawing hand is the white background, the second element of whiteboard animation. This white background is the canvas of your video. Feel free to be creative with it and add any element that supports the goal of the video. Interconnected drawings are another important element. They provide the video with continuity which helps with your story’s flow. With interconnected drawings, anticipation and curiosity are being created inside the viewers’ mind.

These elements are what makes your video a whiteboard animation. You can customize your drawings or play with the design of the hand to correspond with your brand. When you decide to add your tone to it, be consistent. Don’t change the chosen colors or font of your text. The audience needs to recognize your style!

The importance of storytelling 

A well-told story is something that engages the audience. People live for stories and are attracted to the ones that are told in an interesting way. That attraction is what makes people watch and, even prefer, whiteboard animation videos. Storytelling is an excellent way of showing values that are important to your business. Stories are not directly oriented to sales, they provide the audience with useful content. That’s another reason why people love whiteboard animation as they aren’t forcing them to make a purchase decision right away.

To be successful in storytelling, the story needs to be focused around the audience. The video has to provide them with a solution to their problem. For instance, if the audience is not aware of all the ways your product can be used, a whiteboard animation video can introduce these ways to them. It’s really important that your story is built around your target audience if you want to catch their attention and keep them around. You will never turn your audience into customers if they don’t find your products or services interesting.

Emotion and education

There are two factors that lead to a successful whiteboard animation, and that is emotion and education. The methods you’re using in your video should have just one emotion in common. That means that the text, design elements, voice tone, music or background sounds, and the video message have to make your audience feel that emotion. They can feel happy, entertained, nostalgic, motivated, empathetic, and so on.

Having an emotional component in the video is what will bring benefits to a business. For instance, if the emotion is nostalgia, a video can bring the audience back to their childhood by reminding them of times when they used the product. That way, a company is connecting with them on a much deeper, meaningful level and showing them their business has always been there. The chosen emotion will affect the way the story will go.

Drawings and other elements, as well as the story, is the recipe for a successful whiteboard animation. Making a video interesting and fun to watch will make it easier for the viewers to learn. The information shared in the video needs to be absorbed by the target audience. Otherwise, it will have a low engagement rate and the viewers will not be interested in the product or service. Moreover, they will probably decide not to watch any of your videos later.

What do you want to teach your audience with this video? What do you want they know about your business? Don’t start creating a video if you haven’t figured out the goal of the video. When using such powerful tools like whiteboard animation videos, people must feel something and learn something in order to do something.


There are indeed numerous videos you could create for your business, but whiteboard animations are the most effective ones. They help you connect with your audience by delivering the message you want in a way they prefer. After all, you can’t expect to have loyal customers if you haven’t established a relationship with them first!

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