What You Need To Remember About Starting Your Own Furniture Business

The furniture business has always been one of the most stable and profitable businesses in any developed country. In the UK alone, it contributes over £10 billion to the annual GDP. There’s a lot of room for taste and new styles, as well. If you have the capital and the desire, then it can make a very worthwhile business to get into. However, it also takes a bit of consideration that makes it unique from others. Below, we’re going to look at some of the early questions you’re going to need to answer if you want to run your very own furniture business.


The first thing you need to decide is what kind of furniture and designs you’re going to be working with. Will you be working with tables, chairs, upholstery or other areas? Where will they go? What kind of style are you thinking of incorporating? If you want to design them yourself, then you need to do your research on the different kinds of furniture that are popular nowadays. As with everything, taste plays a role. But you should see what kind of furniture is marketable, too


Getting your manufacturing process nailed down is an important part of any production company. You need to tracks laid down before you can start running on them, after all. What kind of manufacturing methods you use depend on the scale of your business. For smaller, bespoke designers, then setting yourself up with a space, materials and carpentry tools might be enough. If you have the capital to go bigger, however, you will need the right machinery. Browse through machinery providers like ACE Group to see what you might need.


Once you’ve got things up and running and you have prototypes you can show, you need to start marketing. Whether you’re selling them yourself or relying entirely on retailers, you need a brand to go along with your furniture. It’s all about finding out the best market that your products apply to. Furniture is very much a lifestyle product so you need to do research on similar companies to yours and see who they’re targeting.


Another part of building that brand is making your mark on the industry. Appearing at trade shows can be the perfect opportunity for that. Not only is it a great opportunity to talk to potential customers. It can also give you the opportunity to scout out the rivals in close quarters. See the trends that are shaping the industry and use the information to design your next line of products.


Making a good impression and getting sales at trade shows can also be tremendously helpful in approaching retailers. Getting them to carry your products is easier if you can already demonstrate a degree of success with them. Preparing your marketing materials in a presentation and giving them a quick info sheet of your product can also help. Do your research on which stores would work best with your product and don’t be afraid to approach them in person. It makes a better impression if you’re able to schedule a meeting right off the bat.

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