Which Services Should Your Online Business Invest in?

The advent of the internet has fundamentally changed the way businesses operate. Startups and small business are no longer limited to their surrounding area, and can instead start to dream about reaching customers from all around the world. Even niche products and services can become a billion dollar business when operating on a global level.

However, it’s important to understand that simply having a web presence isn’t enough. With more opportunities comes increased competition, so in order to ensure your business stands out from the crowd you’ll need to invest in the right kind of services.

Search Engine Optimisation        

Search engine optimisation, more commonly referred to as SEO, refers to the practice of manipulating the visibility of a website in a search engine’s unpaid results. This is different from simply paying for an ad banner at the top of the page, and is instead considered a more “natural” or “organic” way to increase traffic to your webpage. Thanks to the fast adoption of smartphones, it’s now much easier to search the web at anytime and search engines like Google are the first place consumers are heading.

Many people believe that investing in SEO is only for large businesses that want to pull in customers from all around the globe. However, studies show that four out of five people use search engines to find information on local products and services. Perhaps even more crucially, around 18% of these searches lead to a purchase within a single day. This is more than double the rate of non-local searches.

Third-Party Courier Services

Electronic commerce, or e-commerce, is the act of buying or selling goods through the internet. Last year, 65% of internet users in the EU shopped online. The UK, in particular, is one of the largest e-commerce markets in the world. Last year, online shoppers in the UK spent £114 billion, representing a 11% on the previous year’s figures. In light of this significant change in the retail industry, third-party courier services have become even more important.

Choosing the right courier for your business is a critical task that demands further research. Simply choosing the most cost-effective option may leave you without specialised services, like express delivery or overseas shipping. Likewise, choosing an unreliable supplier could jeopardise your company’s reputation in the long-term. Now that emerging markets like China have become important sources of growth for business, couriers like TNT who can offer fast and reliable overseas shipping are in high demand.

Social Media Marketing

Finally, investing in social media is a valuable tool in both growing your customer base and engaging with your existing audience. In 2016, it’s perhaps easier to forget the humble beginnings of social media. No longer simply a tool to update your circle of friends with your latest culinary creation, social media has become a significant part of our daily lives. Advertisers know this, and will advice businesses to spend their marketing budget where people’s attention is.

According to recent studies, businesses spent almost $24 billion dollars last year to reach customers via social media. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend the big bucks to get noticeable results. The simplest way to reach new customers is to create an effective value proposition. Offering a discount in exchange for signing up to your mailing list is a great way to entice customers to click on an ad. In return, you’ll earn a ticket to their inbox where you can regularly update them on your products and services.

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