Why A Shared Office is the Trend for Start-ups?

Setting up a new business with the prospect of financial strain can be enough to make you rush back to bed and earn your living from the comforts of your own home without having a dedicated office space. But, how can you expect your customers to take you seriously if you’re sending emails in your pyjamas, plus separating your work life from your home life will only improve your productivity too.

Whether you’re just starting up or whether you’re part of a small team, shared office spaces are fast becoming more desirable than traditional offices. It’s reported that offices being built in central locations such as London are up by 24%, meaning you can locate your business in the hub of commerce without the sky high price tag.

Not only will your new postcode look good on your office stationary, there are many other reasons to move your business to a city centre. With transport methods a-plenty and high-speed broadband infrastructures in place, your new office space will not only look the part but will allow you to keep up the working pace.

Reduced Costs

Overheads are high on the list of concerns for small businesses, with traditional office spaces often a drain on resources especially if utilities are not included in the initial lease documents.

Shared office spaces offer start-ups the chance to pay for what they need, rather than having excess space and desks that can’t be afforded. Larger companies based in city centre locations often rent out unused space to gain extra revenue.

Collaboration Potential

Shared office spaces often equal creativity and the chance for collaboration with a variety of different businesses and industry specialists.

Talent will often be in abundance from web designers to project managers to accountants, start-up businesses will be able to harness talent and help out co-workers. If a question needs answering or a problem needs solving, shared offices provide an open forum of knowledge ready to be tapped into.

No Commitment

Committing to any type of lease can be daunting but even more so if you’re unsure if you’re going to require the same office space 6 months down the line.

A shared office space allows the opportunity to rent a desk and increase or decrease space as required, without cancellation fees. The freedom to move hassle free is often a draw for smaller businesses who simply cannot afford high risk rental fees.

Find Your Kind of Culture

With the daily grind often including hours outside of 9-5, office culture has never been better. Work life balance is often high on the agenda and embracing our days is pivotal to productivity.

Shared office spaces often provide catering facilities, chill out areas with games included and spaces to relax away from your desk. Working long hours it can often feel as though you never go home but by providing communal staff areas we are able to step away from our workstations and take some time out. Not only can you get your work done but also create a breeding ground for creativity.

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