Why Design and Image Matter & How You Can Perfect Them

You might not think that things like design and image matter in the world business, but you might be wrong. Surely, it’s all about substance and delivering something important to customers, no? Well, of course, those things are important. As are many other factors. But design and image are not things that can just be dismissed, here’s why.

Why Do Design and Image Matter in the World of Business?

For a start, as human beings, what we see matters. When we see a brand name or logo or even an advert, we have a visual response to it. The images are processed in our minds, and we have a response. This is at the very core of what it is to be human. It can’t just be erased because you don’t like it. It’s something that will never change. And people tend to buy with their emotions. If they have a positive reaction to a business and its imagery, they’ll be more likely to buy. And when their gut reaction is negative, they’ll keep on browsing. It might sound simplistic, but that really is how customers operate in many circumstances.

What You Can Do Differently

Now that you know exactly why design and image matter in the world of business, you can start to make changes to yours. Here are some of the things you can do differently when you’re trying to make your business look much better than it currently does.

Keep Things Simple

First of all, you should understand how important simplicity can be. When you are able to keep things simple and easy to understand, people will be put at ease. They won’t feel bombarded by different thoughts and information. That’s really important because people should never be turned away by too much stuff being thrown their way. Many top brands opt for a very simple design on their website and advertising materials.

Make Design as Important as Functionality on Your Website

The design choices you make on your website are key. These days, most people will discover your business for the first time online. If they arrive on your website and are greeted with an ugly or messy design, their interest in your brand will probably end there. So, you should make design something that is just as important as the functionality of your website. That way, you can be sure that your website doesn’t lose customers for your business. Companies like Blue Whale Media Ltd can help you achieve a good design.

Learn What Impact Colours and Images Have on People

Finally, you should learn what impact colours and images have on people. For example, we associate certain things and feelings with the colour blue. It might signify something that is cold or aquatic. Whereas, we would immediately associate completely different things with the colour red. It might mean risk or passion or danger. So, you need to think about these things carefully when deciding which colours to associate with your own brand. The same applies to the images that your brand uses in its marketing and advertising materials.

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