Why Good Customer Service will win your Marketing

Marketing a business is an expensive task which is why nobody wants it to fail at the drop of a hat.

As reported in this article, it’s estimated that the digital spend alone in marketing will break the £8 billion mark in 2015, and when such large costs are involved there’s no business out there who hasn’t invested heavily in creating a well-orchestrated marketing strategy.

However with so much time, and clearly money, being spent on marketing in all forms, it seems that very little is actually being done about the final hurdle that turns those gained leads into sales.

Customer care seems to have taken a back seat in the marketing mix, when essentially it can be the make or break of any marketing campaign.

Led on by false hopes of what your business can offer, when customers are confronted with bad service or lack of care, they can be instantly turned off from making a purchase.

Frustrated and the feeling of being misled, it’s not no surprise that as detailed in this infographic 66% of UK consumers feel that customer service has deteriorated over the past three years.

But customer care is such a basic business element that doesn’t require the costs or the time that long winded marketing campaigns do.

So it’s time to put the finishing touch to the strategy you’ve been sweating over, and ensure that you and your team are ready for the show.

Because Your Know Your Product

Nobody knows your product like you do, and this should be the same for the team that surround you.

When you’re not advocating good customer care, you should have an educated and knowledgeable team who are ready to step into your shoes.

Even being in the know about industry trends and competitors can make your team stand above the rest.

Customers want to feel assured that your business is full of experts who know their stuff and can help them with any question or query that they may have.

Being negligent to their needs is going to cost you heavily, as nobody likes to be faced with a representative who knows nothing. It’s infuriating and a complete waste of their time.

Because You Know What They Need

When customer care is good, you should feel as though you have a relationship with your customers and know their needs.

Only from communicating with them on a regular basis and taking an interest in them, will it help you to target your marketing campaign more effectively and cater to the things that your customers actually want.

Whether that’s to be informed of the latest offers or new products, or to be kept updated with a specific product that they like. Knowing what they need will stand you in good stead for making a campaign that will see you succeed.

Because You Really Care

Don’t just act like you care about your customers, take an active role in knowing them.

Detailing any communication that each member of staff has had with them, can help you to build a better picture of the person behind the number.

Making your company feel more personal is one step to helping that customer stay loyal to your business, and knowing that you are available for any queries they may have. A loyal customer is more likely to come back to you should they run into any issues, as they know it can be resolved efficiently.

Every element in business is a marketing opportunity, so don’t just rely on the obvious.

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