Why I Love Writers Block (And You Should, Too!)

For anyone that loves to write whether you write articles, stories, e-books, or published works, every writer will have at sometimes writer’s block. When it comes to new bloggers on the net, they often do not know what they should write about on their blog that will be enjoyed by the masses. There are all kinds of websites that will give you guidance on coming up with new topics, however, even then, you must know how to turn the title into an interesting and compelling blog post.

Now, you are probably thinking, the person writing this article is crazy. No one likes writer’s block! The truth is that you should love this opportunity. Why?

Find Compelling Posts Regarding Writer’s Block

You now have the opportunity to read what other writers do when they have writer’s block and how they cope with the issue. Along with this, you will see new perspectives that may help you learn how to use what you know but write about it in a different and completely new way. You may even be able to come with better ideas on your topics just by reading others posts.

Just think about it, there are more than likely thousands of posts on writer’s block, but how many tell you they love this situation. Just a new idea on a problem that everyone has at one time or another. Even if you are a famous writer, learning should still be a part of your everyday life. Therefore, reading about other writers and how they cope with writer’s block is a good thing.

Using New Tools

In general, if you know your topic well, then you have never relied on any type of tool to help you come up with your topics. This is very sad, but true. The reason is that you may not be utilizing all the tools that are available so you know that you are actually writing what your readers wish to read.

Using tools such as topic generators can give you all kinds of new ideas on the same old topic. This will make you think which is a good thing.

Giving Yourself Time to Reflect

No matter if you have a deadline to meet and the boss what a new post up today, if you cannot think of an idea for a new blog post on the same old thing, giving it a rest can do no harm. You are already wasting time beating your head against the wall trying to think of something to write.

If at all possible, go outside or to the break room. Get your mind completely off the blog post and think about something else for at least ten to fifteen minutes. Now, when you go back to thinking about what you are going to write, your mind will be fresh and will be ready to tackle the problem.

Look through your old posts and learn which ones were shared, liked, or received a comment. Can you use this idea and give the post a new updated fresh meaning? You may have an old post about a product that caused your customers to leave comments and today you have an improved model of the same product, if so then you have an idea for a new post.


Do not let writer’s block cause you stress and anxiety. Embrace it and use this time to gather yourself and your ideas. Loving writer’s block and learning from it will certainly give you a new perspective instead of a headache.

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