Why Innovation and invention should be at the forefront of any business

Invention is part of our everyday vocabulary. We have sayings like, “It’s the best thing since sliced bread,” and “Don’t re-invent the wheel” that reflect our strong connection to inventions of all kinds.

It is perhaps impossible to not live a day without experiencing an invention or an appliance that has been invented by someone to benefit our daily lives. Virtually everything we use had to be invented. For instance, if you are in a room right now, think of the thousands of inventions that surround you – from the windows to the floors to the furniture to the device that heats or cools the room. Some inventions are famous and legendary, while others are obscure and practically forgotten.

Many inventions stand on the shoulders of inventions that came before them. Behind every invention is a person who saw a problem or an opportunity and invented a solution or a new device. Sometimes a terrific invention is a matter of sheer luck and discovery.

Automotive Innovations

Take recent innovations in the automotive industry which has gone through many phases of improvement over the last decade with each innovation brought to market to solve different problems. Reducing vehicle emissions is one such example.

Engineers have worked tirelessly to reduce emissions with the majority of cars coming of the current production line emission free. It is important to note this quest for reduced emissions has come from the car manufacturers desire to meet customer financial needs and to also reduce environmental impact in light of continued government legislation.

These innovations within the automotive industry have led to the invention of new products none more famous than the electric car. With this example we can see that invention and innovation are inextricably linked with each arising out of the desire to meet customer needs and wants.

Whilst the latest invention of driverless cars is not far from being on the road with Google announcing it is to incorporate human traits into how the vehicles drive.

It will be particularly interesting to see what happens with the current crisis and claims of underhand goings on at Volkswagen with regards hiding emissions. The car manufacturer is expected to make one of the biggest recalls in history after using software to cheat tests.

Construction Innovations

Another example of innovation and invention at the forefront of business is within the construction industry. An industry that is beginning to experience economic recovery not least due to improvements and the want to meet the needs of the customer. Under floor heating and insulation developments highlight the continually need to improve for the customer within the construction sector.

Onsite innovation in the construction industry is also hugely important. With health and safety at the forefront of the industry, new products are being invented and improved all the time. One such product is the Tefra Quick Coupler, a double-locking hydraulic coupler for excavator machines that safely connects the arm of a digger to a bucket. Manufacturers, Hill Engineering were awarded the Queens Award for Enterprise in Innovation for this particular piece of kit.

These two examples from polar opposite industries help to highlight that innovation and invention help to drive businesses forward not least if they serve to meet a customer need.

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