Why Online Reviews Matter

Why Online Reviews Matter

How much of your shopping is done online? From buying products to using services, you probably shop online in some form more often than you think. When buying things you can’t touch or see, online shopping requires a lot of faith, as well as some good research. For that, it’s likely that you turn to online reviews to help you choose, but are they really that effective?

From a business point of you, reviews are important. Providing the word of mouth that’s needed to grow sales, a good review can be a good money-maker, while a bad one could ruin a business. Find out more about why online reviews matter and take steps to up your game to earn that positive feedback.

Your reputation is everything

Reputation is important for businesses. Without a good one, why would anyone trust you enough to buy your products or services? Websites like TrustPilot and TripAdvisor are widely used by people looking for better insight into a business, and having those high percentages will help people to see that you’re the real deal. People don’t have much time these days to spend ages researching a company, they want fast, simple insight. Positive online reviews will keep your score high, ready to make a good impression on potential buyers.

They can boost your SEO

SEO can help your business to get noticed, pushing it up the Google rankings to help you get those coveted top spots. However, effective SEO for your website takes work, and it can take a lot of effort to work with those keywords. Customer reviews can boost your SEO for you, as they’re likely to feature keywords related to your business in their reviews. Whether you ask for reviews on your own web page or you encourage them through an external website, those positive reviews will help your business to be seen.

They’re better than dealing with complaints

When people are unhappy with a service or product purchased online, boy will you hear about it! Complaints can be difficult to manage, especially when they’re coming in thick and fast through Facebook, email, Twitter and any other contact option. Work on improving your services to minimise customer complaints. Take lessons from companies like National Pallets, where the customer is always put first. Go the extra mile to resolve complaints and that good word of mouth will soon spread.

They can be a great way to market your business

Online reviews can be an effective marketing tool. Using quotes on your social media accounts or testimonials on your website will be a great way to highlight the benefits of using your service. If you’re looking at new ways to market your business, then shouting loudly about your positive feedback is a good way to do it.

You might not have given much thought to online reviews in the past, but perhaps the above will have changed your mind. Spend time working out a strategy to develop amazing product reviews that will help give your business that welcome boost.

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