Why Paper Cone Cups Are Better For The Office

Reasons why paper cone cups are better for office use such as saving money, improving productivity, improving safety and being kinder to the environment.

Keeping hydrated and saving money while being kind to the environment

You may think a paper cup is a paper cup and it’s simply a case of stocking up on the ‘standard’ types next time the water cooler needs replenishing. Before you do, maybe it’s worth thinking of switching to paper cones instead? There are cost savings not to mention potential increases in productivity, less chance of accidents through spillage, and the chance to be more environmentally friendly.

The conical cup

Paper cones are increasingly popular in many locations where a water cooler features such as offices, health clubs and educational establishments. Compared to flat bottomed cups, they offer certain advantages.

Cost effective

They are significantly cheaper than flat bottomed single wall paper cups. For example, this paper cup supplier offers 4oz paper cones that work out at around 40% cheaper for 5000 than their 4oz flat bottomed equivalent.

You may think a flat bottomed cup would be used multiple times compared to a cone that can’t easily be set down anywhere; in practice flat bottomed cups are often only used once or twice before being discarded.


It’s undoubtedly better in the interests of spreading germs that a paper cone cup is used just once as opposed to maybe hanging around the office for some time as a flat bottomed type might.

Reduced spillages and safety

It’s easy for spillages to occur when a paper cup gets nudged or forgotten about under a pile of paperwork, not to mention water falling on possible slippery surfaces en route back to the desk. With a conical paper cup it’s more likely people drink their water near to where it’s dispensed, discard the cup and return to their work area so reducing spillage risks.

With so much expensive electrical equipment in use water in close proximity is a definite risk. At best it can cause a machine such as a laptop to cease working – at worst electrical hazards can result from water getting into the wrong places.


Paper cones are biodegradable which means they can be disposed of with regular paper waste and they’ll decompose naturally in a traditional composting facility.

Improved productivity

As mentioned above the use of paper cone cups means people tend to drink their water on the spot and return to work more promptly.

This isn’t suggesting you’d be keen to promote a Dickensian work atmosphere, but it’s fair to say even a few minutes here and there of people fetching water and loitering adds up to a lot of downtime over a longer period. Don’t forget there is still the good old coffee break for staff to look forward to!

It could be said paper cones promote good practice in that it’s beneficial to drink water frequently to stay hydrated; their use enables staff to keep their water intake up without it disrupting the working day.

The best of both worlds?

Having said the above, if you like the idea of staff using their cone paper cups through the day – or perhaps so people can replenish their cups from a jug or carafe without disrupting a meeting for water breaks – you could invest in some cone cup holders for prolonged use.

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