Why Quality is Critical in Business

Why Quality is Critical in Business

If asked to come up with the one thing that matters most to business, I would undoubtedly say ‘quality’. Others might say that branding, financial planning or even personality are the most important factors in success, but I believe that at the end of the day, it is quality that will see a business sink or swim.

No one goes into a purchase hoping that they’ll buy a piece of junk that will break down and need to be replaced in a few months’ time – they like to think that the things they buy are built to last, and if they are, well then they are likely to be very impressed.

Of course, there’s more to it than that, so If you aren’t sold of quality being critical to your business, check out these very compelling reasons why you might want to change your mind:

Customer Expectation

I touched on this above, but products that are of a higher quality will always impress customers more than those that are inferior. You might not think that a high-quality polycarbonate 10mm sheet that costs twice as much as an inferior one will even be noticed by the customer, for example, and it might not, but the resultant leak will. When that happens, your customer will be less than happy with the product they have received, and they will perceive your company as being lesser because of it. That’s why you need to try and find the right balance between quality and price always.

Reputation Management

What will the customer do if you sell them a smartphone that stops making calls a week after purchase? They’ll go online and give you a bad review, or they’ll tell all of their friends and family members about it and about how you’re such a terrible company. That’s pretty much the last thing you want in this evermore connected age where a failure on your part can be seen by millions of people around the world in an instant – and a lot of the time it will be – again, that is why quality matters so much.

Meeting Your Obligations

Depending on where you are based and what industry you are working in, there are likely to be certain quality standards that you are obligated to meet, and if you do not meet them, not only will you put the customers off and gain a bad reputation, but you could even be prosecuted! Whether you’re selling lentils of laser hair removal products, you need to ensure that you meet at least the minimal standards if you want to stay in business and out of prison. It really is that simple!

It’s Cost Effective

You might think that using inferior quality components in your business is a great way of saving money, but for all of the reasons above, and because you’re likely to get more returns, manufacturing failures and breakage, it really isn’t.

The bottom line: Buy the best quality you can afford and give the best quality you can to your customers, and you will beat out the competition who slack in the quality department, hands down.

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