Why Your Business Must Offer Global E-Gift Cards

E-gift cards have always been one of the best ways to attract new customers for businesses. Making them a part of your marketing strategy is an excellent way of engaging customers and making them come back to you again and again, eventually building a loyal clientele. Let us take a look at 7 ways global e-gift cards can outperform other marketing strategies, making them the most preferred marketing option for businesses.

1.    Help attract new customers

Global e-gift cards help businesses encourage customers to buy things that they otherwise would not buy. For example, an online store offering an e-gift card on the item that is least sold can help increase the sale of that item. The strategy even helps businesses to retain their customers who are looking for discounts. So, if you want to attract and retain your customers companies like Global Rewards Solutions can help you offer your customers a number of compelling rewards.

2.    Increase sales

Most e-gift cards are set to a particular amount but usually customers using such gift cards end up shopping and spending more and, as a result, the sales of the company increases. The main aim of an e-gift card is to encourage the customers to visit the website and browse through the company’s products. Once they are done doing so, they select the items they like and it is most likely that the total cost of these products is slightly higher than the value of their gift card. So, this technique can always benefit you as the customer eventually pays the rest of the amount.

3.    Reduced chances of fraud

Some electronic cards are designed as such that their use allows for partial redemption. The rest of the balance is stored on your gift card. So, you may even use these to store credit which will eliminate chances of fraud that might occur when customers, in return for cash, try and make expired returns. So, issuing e-gift cards is the right way.

4.    Do not cut into your profits

These e-gift cards allow you to recoup your investment quickly. Two out of every three consumers spend nearly 40 percent more than the gift card’s value.

5.    Help you generate revenue in advance of sales

Selling an electronic gift card means that you are getting paid in advance for a product, which means that you keep the cash until the card is reclaimed. So, global electronic cards are surely the best marketing strategy you can come up with to increase your sales, since 63% of online shoppers seeking gift cards chose digital rather than physical versions.

6.    Build brand awareness

If you want a cost effective advertising strategy, you must implement these for your business. They always remind your customers to visit you, and do so while costing you a lot less.

7.    Convenient

Businesses that offer global electronic gift cards as part of their marketing strategy know that these are the most convenient method of promotion. These online gift cards allow customers to design and personalise them according to their likings.

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