Your Guide to Choosing the Best Website Builder

The creation of a professional web presence is critical for promoting a business and ensuring customer recruitment and promotion. Choosing an experienced and knowledgeable website builder is essential in creating the type of website that attracts customers and sales.

Choosing the Best Website Builder

Website builders offer a range of facilities, from developing the site from scratch, maintaining the site and providing upgrades and changes at lower rates. The kind of website building program you choose depends on your unique business needs, but all good website builders should feature a few essential tools and features. For example 1and1 offers such tools and features to build a website.


How much this tool costs should not be the deciding factor in selecting one but keeping an eye on costs will ensure you are getting great value for money. Shop around and ask other business owners for recommendations.

Upgrades and Maintenance

Find out about upgrade and maintenance costs. Ask about trial periods, free packages and premium packages and its benefits. Some packages include free maintenance features, others do not.

Simple Interface

Don’t opt for a website builder that is complicated to navigate and use. The interface should help you achieve the desired functions quickly and simply. If you are a beginner, make sure that your software suits your level of ability.

Design and Customisation

How much flexibility and variety does the website builder offer in terms of colours, fonts, templates from scratch or existing styles?

Technology and Widgets

A good website builder should offer the latest in fully functional technology. Moving, changing, re-sizing or editing should all be available and simple to use.

SEO Friendly

Moonfruit and UCoz offer SEO tools to ensure your website remains search engine friendly.

Social Media Integration

These days social media offers a wide range of benefits and can help attract customers and spread your online presence. Does your website builder offer integration to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Flickr.

Mobile Optimization

Smartphones and tablets are widely used to upload, transfer and share data on the Internet. Your website builder should be optimized for mobile technology for both you and your customers.

Customer Support

This is especially important if you are a beginner website developer. Make sure that your program offers support timeously and whenever you need it.

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