12 Benefits of Virtual Phone Number Services

12 Benefits of Virtual Phone Number Services

The direct and indirect benefits of virtual phone number services are endless. Someone sitting in New York City can expand business in the UK, Australia, and Asian countries. Years ago, phone numbers were tied to physical locations. Now getting a local number of any location has become easier. Here’s how virtual phone numbers can help businesses grow.

  1. Get a local number without office

An American entrepreneur can have Australian phone numbers without an office in Australia. That’s the beauty of technology. Your business doesn’t need a physical presence to get a region-specific phone number.

  1. Improved customer service

Don’t expect customers to call an international number and pay huge bills. You can get a local number using virtual phone number services. So, whenever a customer calls you, it will be a local call for them and their call charges will not be different. Having a dedicated number for different regions shows that you care.

  1. Easy and effective marketing

With a virtual phone number, you can promote your business in different parts of the world. The best thing is, you can provide a local number to your customers. You won’t have to rely on remote customer service associates. With that said, you will also be able to measure your marketing efforts.

  1. Easy to recall

Remember those early day ads when companies used to promote vanity numbers. It’s a perfect way to leave a memorable impact through marketing. You can promote a regional number without adding any area code or country code. It helps customers remember you and dial your business phone number.

  1. No equipment required

Fonvirtual is a leading virtual phone number service provider. The company provides a complete wireless solution for businesses. The best thing is you don’t need to buy any software, telephones or install any equipment. From a company like this, you can buy the service and start receiving calls.

  1. You just need a smartphone

With the help of WebRTC technology, getting a virtual phone number has become easier. All you need is an internet enabled device (smartphone, PC or tablet) to receive calls. You can read more about this technology on Fonvirtual.com to see how you can get an international number from the country of your choice.

  1. Extra features

Choose the right virtual phone number services to get extra features with your virtual number. Features including SMS notifications, call forwarding, email notifications, and call conferencing can be availed easily.

  1. Stay productive no matter where you are

You can receive international calls on your virtual phone number anywhere. The calls are routed to your phone directly. This facility gives you more freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere.

  1. Low monthly bills

If your employees call you from remote locations, you can ask them to use local virtual numbers. You can do the same for your customers. That way, you can reduce the number of long-distance calls. As a result, you can enjoy low monthly fees for a virtual phone number.

  1. Call recordings

A virtual phone number service provider can provide you call recording facility. This feature can help you monitor incoming and outgoing calls. It can also help you improve the quality of your customer service. At times, this feature can turn out to be very helpful to check what you have discussed with a customer.

  1. Break the time zone barriers

Time zone plays a major role when you want to discuss something with your customers. Potential clients won’t hesitate to dial a local number and they won’t have to worry about time zone difference. As a result, your business won’t miss new opportunities.

  1. Reflects more credibility and professionalism

No business is perfect. Everybody makes mistakes and it’s completely natural. But even if you work from your garage, give a professional image to your business. International numbers on your website, mobile apps, emails, and marketing material reflect that you take customers and their business seriously.

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