Thanks for visiting the iBusiness blog. This blog was started in 2012 by me !  Here is some information about me and this blog.

About me:


I am Phil. At 19 I am a young blogger and entrepreneur. I first started blogging in august 2011 when i set-up my first blog which is Startup Today. I soon started to take an interest in blogging and decided to blog about what i was learning online. I made a lot of mistakes with blogging at first; especially with making money online.

blog about.

About this blog

The iBusiness blog is mainly focused around small business and helping small businesses online. Through the posts on here i hope to provide readers with information that is going to come in useful when starting or managing a small business online. I also sometimes post about technology that can be useful for your business or help with using websites and social media.

iBusiness Blog is now part of The Blue Pixel Media Network which is my latest project. Blue Pixel Media Network is on online network of blogs and websites. You can also checkout my latest sites and Muscle Plus

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