A Guide for Creating a Comfortable Working Environment for Your Employees

A Guide for Creating a Comfortable Working Environment for Your Employees

There are many things that you’re responsible for when you are an employer, such as making sure your staff have good training, receive the correct pay on time, that any benefits they get as part of their job are made available, and enforcing your business’s code of ethics and protecting your staff from harassment, injury, and illness when they are in the workplace. It is also your responsibility to make sure that their working environment is as comfortable as possible, and here are a few suggestions that can help you achieve this.

Quality Furniture

A good place to start is by making sure that all office furniture is comfortable and of good quality. Ergonomic desk chairs will provide excellent support for your employees, and this is essential if they are going to be sat down at computers for the majority of their day. You should also make sure that their chairs are properly aligned with their desks, showing your employees how to adjust their seats accordingly to suit their needs. You may also want to create a standing desk area in the office so that your staff has the opportunity to switch things up throughout the day if they would like to.

Heating and Air Conditioning

There is nothing worse than feeling cold to the bone or overheated, especially when you’re at work and need to focus on your daily tasks. The property management company you’re leasing your offices from should be responsible for maintaining the central heating and air conditioning systems in your office, but if there are any temporary issues, consider leasing heaters or cooling systems to make the climate in your offices more comfortable for your employees. You should be able to find a commercial air conditioning unit to rent from a commercial air conditioning unit company near you easily with an online search. 

Clean Facilities

You might hire a cleaning service to take care of these jobs when your employees go home at the end of the day, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t provide cleaning products for staff to use when they need to. Washing up liquid, sponges, and cloths for cleaning cups and plates in the breakroom is a must, and encourage staff to do the dishes once they are finished with them, or create a washing-up rota to make sure it isn’t just one person doing this all of the time. You should also have bleach, and a toilet brush available in the lavatories, as well as a special bin for sanitary products. These items will help your employees keep the facilities clean throughout the day, even if you do use an external cleaning service for out-of-office hours.

Introduce Some Plant Life

Plants can make any space feel more vibrant, and bringing in a bit of nature into an office can also help to boost people’s moods. You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference some potted plants can make to your working environment, and the more, the better. You might want to think about getting some low-maintenance plants, however, as this will make it easier to take care of them rather than taking time out of an already busy workday. 

Let in Fresh Air

Some offices might not have this option if you’re situated in a high-rise building, as these windows will not open for safety reasons or will only open very slightly. If you can open the windows in your office space, though, this is something worth doing, particularly in the summer months when it gets hot outside. Air conditioning can help to keep employees comfortable, but a fresh breeze is always pleasant and can help to refresh the mind and give everyone a boost.

Make the Breakroom Inviting

All employees need to take a break throughout the day, but it is a little depressing if the breakroom has bland décor and uncomfortable furnishings. While you might have limited space, if your office does have a breakroom that is big enough, invest in some comfortable couches as well as a kitchen/dining table that will be more comfortable when eating. Consider having some games in the breakroom that people can play, or having a book swap area when staff who enjoy reading can exchange books with one another. 

Keep the Office Free from Clutter

Finally, it is easy to let clutter gather over time, particularly when everyone is busy working on their projects. However, clutter does not only make the working environment feel messy, but it can also present hazards that could be harmful to your employees. Take the time to clear out the clutter from your office at least once a month, but preferably at the end of each week if you can. This will make keeping on top of the mess more manageable and create a more comfortable working environment for everyone. 

If you want to keep your staff happy and make sure that the workspace is a pleasant one, use the suggestions above to help you create a more comfortable environment at work.

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