5 businesses to start today

5 businesses to start today

Starting a business and developing it from the ground up is a hugely rewarding experience and one that (given the right circumstances) can be lucrative. There’s a lot of competition, though, and new businesses appear on a daily basis. If you’re not sure where to begin, here’s a list of some of the most popular businesses to start.

#1 IT support

If you have a good knowledge of computers, then IT support remains one of the most sought after businesses in the world. Not many people are experts in computer technology, so when their machines go wrong they turn to professionals for help. You can provide IT support from home remotely, do call-outs and visit clients directly, or even operate out of a high street store. Whatever you choose, make sure you know what you’re doing as you’ll be tasked with resolving both software and hardware problems.

#2 Healthcare

Business options within the healthcare sector are certainly plentiful and rewarding, but getting started can be difficult. You’ll need to establish a niche, get the right qualifications and then ensure that your company meets all the legal guidelines. Still, healthcare is in sharp focus after the pandemic and you won’t be alone. Working with a professional healthcare marketing company guarantees support at every step from market research to product development and even medical device pricing. This helps your business grow and stand out among a crowded field.

#3 Personal trainers

One for fitness fanatics, personal trainers are in huge demand. You’ll be tasked with helping your clients get fit, but that applies to more than just gym visits. The most successful personal trainers accompany their clients on runs, arrange events and even draw up complex diet plans. You’ll need an in-depth understanding of human physiology, and also be able to motivate your clients when their energy flags. Many personal trainers have a big social media presence and market their services online.

#4 Web designer

Web designer is one of the most popular freelance jobs in the world and it makes a fantastic business startup. You’ll need to know coding (HTML, Python and C++ are extremely useful) and have a good knowledge of how to optimize websites for different kinds of traffic. More than that, though, web designers need artistic flair. Aside from coding websites, you’ll need to make them look attractive and encourage traffic, so an understanding of design and color is vital.

#5 eCommerce

Perhaps the most varied type of business on the list, eCommerce has never been more popular. There are lots of ways to start a business. These range from the small (selling bespoke products on Etsy) to the much larger in scope (holding your own stock and selling through a specialist online store). Many start up eCommerce businesses go down the dropshipping route. This model means that you don’t hold stock or handle deliveries/returns. Instead, you act as an intermediary, selling items that are held in a warehouse elsewhere. It’s a simple way to get started, but delivery times can be long, impacting the customer experience.

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