5 Must-Haves for a Healthy Workplace Environment

For a place that you spend so much of your time at, it only makes sense to maintain that place in a manner where your productivity levels are not hindered. There are a lot of things you can make use of to make your workplace healthier, consequently increasing your productivity levels.

Here are 5 ways through which you can have a healthy workplace environment:

1: Green Colored Walls:

If you are looking for an easy way to get those creative juices flowing, consider incorporating the color green in your workspace.

You can either do this by having the walls of your workplace colored green (or any other color with a similar hue, like sea foam green) or even opt for a green colored wallpaper. If both these options are not available, you can put some green elements on your desk, like a small plant?  The science behind this is that colors that are still bright, but not too bright can make it easier for our brains to relax and we are able to that think that much clearer.

Shades to avoid incorporating in your office: red! This color is often said to negatively influence your analytical performance.

2: Bring in Some Plants:

In lieu of the point above, an easy way to add some green color into your workplace is to keep plants around. Plants in offices have innumerable advantages.  From lowering your blood pressure down, to cleaning the air, office plants are a must have if you are looking to make your office a more productive, healthier workplace to work at.

Things to consider when  buying an office plant is the plant’s maintenance needs and your office’s design in mind for example if your office does not have windows then keeping a jade plant will not be suitable as they need full exposure to sunlight to grow properly. Opt for a spider plant instead which thrive even when there is no sunlight. Also, if watering a plant on the regular is something that you would not be able to do then avoid buying indoor palms.

3: A Standing Desk:

Sitting for long periods of time at your work desk is a habit that brings many negatives with it, hence you need to modify this habit. Your best bet here is to switch to a standing desk. Even with a standing desk however you need to be careful as being on your feet all day is also not recommended.

Balance is what you need. You can go for a standing desk, with your computer’s monitor adjusted to your eye level and use a chair when needed.

4: An Essential Oil Diffuser:

Forget air fresheners and candles that make use of too many artificial ingredients. Opt for an essential oil diffuser and as a bonus point, use citrus oil since it is said to increase your memory as well as thinking.

5: No- Equipment Exercises:

There are some fun exercises you can do while remaining seated which require absolutely no equipment. Standing pushups are a classic example of this. The idea behind this is not to make you break a sweat, but just to feel a little more energized.

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