5 Ways to Reach Out to New Customers

Businesses large and small can never be content to sit back on their laurels. Whether going for growth or not, a business must continue to attract new customers to stay afloat.

Marketing is a broad term incorporating many different elements. In a nutshell, marketing can attract new business if done correctly. Marketing efforts take valuable time and money to get right. Don’t spend either on avenues that aren’t eliciting a favourable return. Apply conversion rate optimisation (CRO) techniques to measure the success of your marketing efforts. There are lots of CRO resources available to help you understand which marketing route is working for you.

So, how do you attract your customers?

Social Media

There is no escaping social media. It is everywhere you turn in today’s modern world. Social media is a popular way of marketing to your existing customers, as well as attracting new ones. Easy to set up and inexpensive too, social media opens the gateway for attracting new business. The relative effectiveness of social media varies. Will your target demographic respond well to this modern form of communication? All social media channels must regularly be updated and monitored to keep content fresh and relevant. Significant staff time is required to reap the rewards of social media.

Print Marketing

An old-fashioned form of communication can nonetheless be effective. Print marketing can be expensive so select your publication(s) carefully. High-end magazines can set you back hundreds on full-page spreads. If your business covers a local area, target free papers. Costs will be far lower, and every household in the area will see your advert. Or stick to pushing leaflets through letterboxes if that suits your business.


A website is an essential for any modern business. Without a website, your customers will struggle to find you. An absence of a website communicates that your operation is unprofessional and antiquated. Give your prospective customers the right impression about you and your business. A professionally designed website is the key. Keep it regularly maintained and monitor the amount of traffic (hits on your site) it elicits each month. This is an effective way of measuring CRO.

Email Campaigns

Target ‘cold leads’ with email campaigns. These are customers who have given you consent to send them publicity materials via email. People whom you may have met or identified, but who as yet haven’t become paying customers. Email campaigns are also used for existing customers too. The more you know about your audience, the more tailored your content can be to meet their specific needs. Be aware of bombarding your customers with emails, however. Sending out too many will simply see them being swiftly deleted by the recipient. Time each campaign carefully and only send when you have something to say.


Nothing beats personal face-to-face contact. Networking is a proven way of eliciting new business leads. Word of mouth spreads from one contact to another until you’ve built up a solid network of advocates. Practice your elevator pitch and always have a business card at the ready. Attend national and regional networking events to get your business known.

Introduce accurate measures for increasing your CRO. Discover which marketing techniques work best for attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.

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