6 Industries that drones have proved useful to

 Want to know which industries drones have proven useful to? From news coverage to customer service, drones are being utilised by a wide gamut of industries. Read on to discover more about which industries have benefited and how: 

1) Search & rescue

 What could be more important than savings lives? Drones have been embraced by search and rescue organisations and when combined with infra-red technology, they’ve been utilised to find sick, injured and missing people. Moreover, they’ve also been used to get essential equipment, such as defibrillators to patients quickly.

 2) Agriculture

 Drones have also been embraced by farmers to assess their crops, helping them to spot signs of pest and diseases at an early stage, enabling them to take remedial action before it’s too late. Drones are being used as both a camera from which to view the crops, as well as a means by which remedies such as pesticides and fertiliser can be administered. Thus allowing farmers to apply fewer chemicals, in a more measured and specific way, helping the farmers and the environment too.

3) Conservation

 Hand-in-hand with agriculture, drones are also assisting the conservation movement allowing organisations to track and monitor endangered species, keep an eye out for poachers and manage animals’ natural habitat. 

4) Media organisations

Drones have also been embraced by media organisations such as the BBC allowing them to gain footage of inaccessible and dangerous areas.  Drones allow news organisations to gather footage that would once have required a helicopter, making it a less expensive enterprise and therefore a more manageable one for smaller independent media organisations. The latter can only be a good thing for our news coverage, given the concentration of ownership of news organisations. Moreover, it will make it safer too, potentially allowing footage to be gained in areas affected by natural disasters or war for example.

Of course, aerial footage and photographs doesn’t just have an application in the media sector but is being used by a plethora of businesses for which this sort of material can be useful for promotional purposes, like estate agents and holiday companies.

 5) Infrastructure providers

Drones are also proving useful for infrastructure providers from the railway to utility companies. Just as with news coverage, drones can be harnessed to view hard to reach places like electricity pylons, pipelines, bridges, rail lines and more, allowing operators to assess and plan repairs. It has also been suggested that drones could be employed to bring wireless internet access to remote areas, worldwide.

6)  Retail

 Perhaps more than any other sector, drones have gained attention for being used to fulfill customer orders. So it might not be long before the pizza you ask to be delivered to your door arrives via a drone instead of a motorbike. Want the next installment of that saga you’re reading? No problem, for drones are set to revolutionise our customer experience.

So there you have a few pointers on which industries have benefited from the introduction of drone technology and how they might help your business too.

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