7 best apps you’ve never heard of

If you’ve ever spent time in the app store, you’ll know how difficult it can be to find something truly useful. With thousands of developers each claiming to offer the most innovative technology designed to change your life, the chances are that you’ve zoned out and now just stick to what you know. However, there are some apps on the market that offer something unique – below, we’ve rounded up seven of our favourites.


Keeping your phone fully charged throughout the day can be a challenge – especially when you’re taking conference calls, responding to emails and booking Uber cars to get you around town. Instead of spending more time than you need to in the office, you should try out the mobile phone charging app, ChargeApp. While this app can’t physically add juice to your device, it can point you in the direction of local phone charging stations – like coffee shops, convenience stores and libraries – to keep you on the go throughout the day.

Genius Scan

Want to create PDFs from your images to send to business contacts? Genius Scan allows you to do just that – offering guidance on camera positions, lighting and focus to help you create clear, professional PDF documents to send through text message, email or WhatsApp.


Commuting to work can be boring – especially when you don’t have internet access. Pocket was designed to save articles for offline reading, and can also store videos and other multimedia content for your perusal on the move. Despite plans to improve internet access on London’s tube network, the service remains patchy, and this app should help keep you entertained.


List apps come preinstalled on every smartphone, but Wunderlist takes it to the next level. You can delegate tasks to team members, add notes, set deadlines and sync your lists across all of your devices – it’s the ultimate companion app for any busy professional.


The Toggl timer was designed to keep track of all of your time, ideal for anybody who needs to log hours. You can track individual projects and export them to your other management apps for added convenience. The app is free for up to five users, while a Pro version offers added features.


Designed for business teams, HipChat is a cheaper alternative to Slack and Facebook for Work. The app can organise conversations into chat rooms, offers drag and drop file sharing and even incorporates GIFs and emojis into conversations to keep everything fun.


Managing business leads and contacts can be difficult, but Streak makes it easy to do so. The app can integrate with G Suite and Gmail to organise your business relationships, goals, targets and budgets. Available on iOS, Streak can also be integrated on your desktop using a Google Chrome extension for added continuity and convenience.

There you have it – seven of the best business apps that you’ve never heard of! By taking time out to review each of them, you should find that you can make your business day more productive.


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