7 Tops tips for choosing staff for a musical event

Planning a music event? Then follow our 7 top tips for choosing the right staff.

  • Give it time

Choosing the right staff for your music event is key to making it a success, so give this important task due time and consideration. Time and research invested at the beginning will reap you benefits later on. If there’s any chance, you’ll want to repeat the event, choosing the right staff becomes even more crucial. They’ll help to build your brand and contribute in no small way to making the event a success, leaving you with happy attendees who want to return.

  • Complement your team

Consider the abilities of your in-house team and choose additional event staff who will complement their skills, experience, and personalities. After all, they will need to work together.  Be sure to communicate well with all of your staff beforehand and on the night of the event, to foster a team spirit. If you’re new to event organising there is lots of advice out there to help make your musical event a success.

  • Demographics

Consider the demographics of the likely audience at your event and choose appropriately. You may well want to engage staff from a similar demographic to help aid communication with your audience.

  • Experience

Wherever possible engage staff for your music event that have previous experience of similar events. You’ll receive added value that way and be reassured too, being able to draw on their experience to help make your event a success.

  • Attitude

Engage your staff on the basis of their attitude, rather than on attributes that are skin deep; this will help you to find people who will fit in with your company’s culture and values and help to promote your brand too.

  • Professional

Enlist the help of professionals, rather than volunteers, to ensure your event is a success. They’ll reduce your burden and help your event go smoothly. They’ll present themselves professionally, be punctual and give good customer service. Remember too, that they may be able to help you in more ways than you initially expect. Professional event staff will have a vast array of experience to draw on from the event sector, from planning to knowledge of reliable suppliers and protocol. Keep your ear to the ground to ensure you make the most of your professional event staff – as they may well have hidden talents.

  • Tried and tested

To ensure you get the professional staff that you require, consider engaging a professional event staff agency. A tried and tested agency will ensure you get appropriate staff for your event, from skill set to experience, location and time. Kru Live is an independent promotional staffing agency experienced in making events a success; contact them for further information about how they could help you. An experienced agency such as this will be best able to assist you with tight deadlines and changing needs as your event evolves. They’ll also have robust vetting procedures in place – giving you peace of mind.

So as you can see, there are a number of factors you need to take into account when hiring staff for your next musical event. It may well be that hiring a professional agency with experience in this area is your best port of call.

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